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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Raghav praying to Bappa. Naina tells doctor that we pray to Bappa before doing anything auspicious, when I m going to see my baby for the first time, I want to keep the idol with me. Doctor smiles. Naina thinks where is Ahana, she was excited to see her baby. Doctor shows the baby to Naina. Naina asks is this the baby, so small, can I hear his heartbeat. Naina happily cries.

Ahana calls her and says sorry, I was stuck in legal matters, I m on the way, my husband is leaving me as I can’t give him a child, I wish he could know what I m doing for my child. Naina says don’t rush, I wanted to make you hear something. She makes Ahana hear baby’s heartbeat. Ahana gets tearful eyes and asks is this my child’s heartbeat. Naina says yes. Ahana cries and thanks Naina for giving me happiness. Naina says time passed soon, more 6 months will pass soon, then I will return to India. Ahana says don’t say that, I m on the way, we have much time to stay together. Ahana meets with an accident. Naina hears sound and shouts Ahana.

Sudha makes burnt roti and taunts Pam. They both argue. Sudha makes food for Raghav. Pam says I m more smart, I m taking juice for Raghav, juice never gets burnt, sorry. Raghav is on work call. Sudha and Pam fight and take food for him. Sudha asks him to have parathas. He says my taste changed and I don’t like burnt food. Pam asks him to have juice. He says my day starts early, I had breakfast, it will be lunch time soon, I m sure you both will prepare, no need to show fake love, next time knock door and come. He shuts the door.

Servant comes and says Naina came to meet you Sir. Raghav gets shocked and goes downstairs. He asks why did you come here. A girl named Naina comes there. He gets shocked seeing her. She says I came from travel agency, were you waiting for any other Naina. He says I don’t know any Naina, why did you come. She says Indu Mehra wanted to go India and then there was no follow up, I came to ask if she is interested in this trip or not.

Naina comes to Mumbai. She thinks life got me back to my city, Pardes gave much and snatched much, I broke a relation and made many relations, I left love there and got other relations with me, I don’t regret, I will walk on a new way. FB shows Naina goes to see Ahana in hospital. Ahana removes oxygen mask and says my child… Naina says baby is safe. Ahana says what will happen of my child after I leave. Naina says nothing will happen to you. Ahana says my baby has risk from my inlaws, take care of my child, they are selfish, I have hidden this from you, my inlaws don’t want this child, they will kill my child, you run away. Naina says but why will they do this. Ahana says promise me Naina, take care of our child. Naina promises her. Naina says I will call doctor. Ahana drops hand. Naina gets shocked seeing the pulse lines flat on the machine. She keeps Ahana’s locket. FB ends.

Naina thinks life was never easy for me, I have to raise my child alone, people will taunt me, but I will have answers. FB shows Naina going to Ahana’s house for mourning ceremony. She hears ladies telling how Ahana’s inlaws tortured her and did not wish Ahana to have a child, as the child would get all property. Naina sees Ahana’s inlaws greedy. FB ends. Naina thinks money is such thing that people get after someone’s life, I will not tell anyone that I came back to Mumbai, Asha thinks I m with Raghav and travelling, I don’t want any help from Raghav. She pays the auto driver and says I have come back from Pardes to my country. She walks in a lane and laughs seeing the kids. She thinks Naina is alone once again, I left for my new journey. Tere naam…..plays……… She sees lady bargaining for vegetables and smiles.

She asks an uncle about Dilraj. The man says she is there. A boy hits a ball ad asks Naina to be careful. Dilraj catches the ball. Naina sees Dilraj. Naina says I had to meet Mr. Dilraj. The girl says you should know Dilraj is a woman, I m Dilraj Kaur. Naina says sorry. Dilraj says you will get the room, but people don’t stay long. Naina asks why. Dilraj says come, I will explain. Raghav says its one way ticket, why did she not book return ticket. The girl says I also thought this. FB shows Dadi saying I want to live in my country in my last days. FB ends. The girl says then she did not call up, so I came here. Raghav says fine, I will send payment for this ticket. She says thank, wish her happy journey. Raghav thinks I will fulfill Dadi’s dream, I will take her back to India.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav tells Dadi that they will go India, and her health will get fine. Naina prays for a job. Naina and Raghav are at airport.

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