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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil you will watch Khurana tells his mum that he will find Ahana’s surrogate. His mum says I will end that child’s chapter before Khurana finds the child. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Raghav teaching a lesson to Parth. He asks him to go Uttarakhand or leave from here. He says you gave mental harassment to Naina, you won’t get your final payment, our HR head made this rule, we will follow it, now get out. He goes. Parth gets angry and sees Naina.

Khurana asks his mum not to worry, and have food. She says I m Armaan’s mum too, he is in jail, you always bear problems because of him, its my mistake to expect much from you being your stepmum. He says why do you hurt my heart saying this, I regard you more than my real mum. She says I know, I love you a lot, you have done all your duties, I m sure you won’t let Armaan be in jail, I tell the world that my name is Harjeet, none knows you are behind my victory, today Raghav came between my victory, see what’s happening, he has come as Rahu in our life, nothing fine happened, he took patent from you and challenged you in business, he will fail you.

Khurana says enough, I don’t want to hear his name. She says I know you are not fine after what all happened, Armaan and I want you to be happy, maybe there is something left. She cries and asks him to get Armaan. He says don’t worry, none can dare to keep Armaan in jail, I m meeting a lawyer, Armaan is my brother, I won’t let him stay in jail. He takes her blessings and wipes her tears. He goes.

Its morning, Raghav talks to someone on phone. He says I m going to make a wing in hospital on Dadi’s name, she will be glad. Naina comes there. He says I saved your reputation and you came without knocking. They argue. He asks what’s new drama now. She says I have work and complains, how can you say staff that I had such disease. He says you are mad, I had to lie to make Parth admit truth. She says everyone is running away from me, you are laughing, since when did you become rude, irritating. He says mind your language, I m not your husband, I m your boss, everyone has different perception.

She says this is called excuse, to make fun of girl and name it betterment. He taunts her to make fun of his life. He says if timepass happened, do arrangement of hospital functions. He goes. She calls him rude.

Raghav collides with Parth. Parth falls down. Raghav taunts him and says salesman vacancy is there, a mean man with an innocent face is needed. Parth says such pride is not good, you won as you are in your area. Raghav says you are right, I m tiger of my area, I give you a chance to fight, come on Parth, man to man.

Raghav and Parth fight. Raghav beats him. He asks him to remember this beating before defaming any woman. Khurana comes with lawyer. He taunts Raghav to send innocent people to jail and talk of respect. Raghav says innocent, are you talking about your brother, your love for him is blind, you did not see he is a cheat. Khurana argues. Raghav says I have no time for nonsense talk, give money in Lord’s temple instead paying to your lawyer. Khurana says you could not bear my brother becoming part of your family, you got jealous and sent him to jail.

Raghav asks do you read newspaper, read what your brother did and find out where he belongs, jail or a good house, keep a cage in your house, your brother is an animal, he trapped my sister in love and tried to use her, he made her MMS, he was asking a price for it, for hiding his crime. Khurana gets shocked. Raghav says you got surprised hearing this, he was blackmailing me, as I m the only witness of his crimes, he has hit an innocent girl by his car and run away, MMS case and hit and run case, he has innocent face and clever mean mind, about business rivalry, if I was afraid of you and your business, I would have not given my business 50% share to Armaan, my sister’s respect us much more importance, I did not think once before giving him the share, your old age and old business may get help by my business share. Khurana asks lawyer to tear Armaan’s bail application, he should get punished, its better he stays in jail. He asks are you surprised, do you think, you will insult me and I will get in fight, by forgetting Armaan did mistake, I want to change him, ask your sister to find someone, Armaan needs time to become animal.

Raghav says when I start hating you, why do you make me helpless to respect you. Khurana says when matter started with respect, lets end it on respect, I know to keep my respect. Raghav says I gave you respect by having enmity with you, you are a worthy opponent. Khurana applies sanitizer and says Rehaan Khurana has no opponent. Raghav smiles and leaves.

Khurana asks what happened. Lawyer says I m confused, I thought you are rude, I think we have misunderstood you, your wife believed you, we should have believed her. Khurana asks why are you saying about her. Lawyer says she took big decision, she died before completion, we got scared and did not talk to you, she wanted you both to have a child, she hired a surrogate. Khurana asks why, my wife hired a surrogate. Lawyer says yes, I manage the legalities, she wanted to complete this secretly, I had to tell you after seeing all this, you have a chance to become father. Khurana asks who is that surrogate. Lawyer says it happened 3 months before, I don’t know about surrogate, madam wanted to keep it secret. Khurana says thanks, and gets emotional. He sees Ahana’s pic. Naina comes out of office. Khurana says Ahana you loved me a lot, why did you hide such big thing from me, you left me alone, now I got to know my baby is in some stranger’s womb, where is my baby, where will I find that woman. Naina looks for auto. Khurana says its fine, I got a hope, I will find that hope. Naina stops an auto.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Khurana tells his mum that he will find the surrogate. His mum says I will find that child first and end his chapter forever.

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