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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Raghav saying I think you will be happy with Amit. Naina says oh, you took decision for my life again, you think any man is right for me, am I any animal to give away, you think you are Lord to decide for me, you thought Veer is perfect for me, you manipulated to get me married to him, when that did not happen, you cheated me and married me, when that was not enough, you came with this cheap thinking, you want me to marry Amit, who left me, you think I m charity case, I understood you are acting to get rid of your guilt, I don’t need anyone’s help, I don’t need you, those who claim they understand others, should understand themselves first, you were liar, and now you have become a coward. She throws the papers on him.

Dadi asks Veer do you feel the same, if I behaved strictly with you, it was for your good, I always wanted best for you, I love you a lot, you know it right. Veer says I know, you should get award, you do acting so well, you control everyone saying its good for you, I feel to hell with it, who are you to say what’s right for me, I have right on my money, you decided to make me marry that cheap waitress, what about my decision, who are you. Dadi slaps him. He gets angry and asks is this your love, you slap always, you treat us badly, I doubt that you love us. Dadi gets scared.

Naina cries and starts leaving. Raghav stops her and says I m not coward, I m doing what you want, you wanted divorce. She says I will give you divorce and free you, go to that Sanjana. He asks have you gone mad, Sanjana is marrying my brother. She says you forgot this, you did not forget that Sanjana chose Veer, not you, so you get anger out on others, so you want to give me divorce, answer me. He says I m thinking about you. She says lie, you can’t think for others, you want to throw me out of your life, so that you can move on in life, don’t you? She sits crying.

Dadi cries and says I thought you all respect me, if not love, I was wrong, you all think so bad about me, today I m freeing all of you, from today, no one will keep relations with Mehra family name, you will get freedom from Mehra name, fame and money, I thought we are tied by blood relations, its strange, blood relations cheated me and my Raghav, who is not my family, he supported me like a son. Sudha asks why are you getting that servant in this conversation. Dadi says he is an angel, he is not servant, he is new owner of Mehra empire, I named all my property to his name. They all get shocked. Balraj asks what nonsense, what do you want. Dadi says I already did it, you all are free now, happy independence day.

Naina says Raghav, what will you get hurting me, I know you don’t love me, do you think I don’t deserve love. Raghav says no Naina, infact I feel someone will love you a lot, when you will leave from courtroom, alone and free, someone will see you, who will feel our separation pain and become relief, happiness will be there in your life, I m giving you chance to life life your way, you deserve it. She says I deserve you. He gets shocked.

Naina says I deserve…., you don’t know what I deserve, I deserve respect in this relation, a life partner who gives me my right to choose my choices, who gives me equality. She thinks I wish I could tell you that I deserve you, I wish I could get you, but truth won’t change. Raghav thinks I felt she said she deserves me. Kal ho na ho…..plays………..

She gets the papers and says if you think this is result of our relation, fine we will sign on divorce papers and end relation forever. Tere naam….plays…… Balraj says we have blood relation, you forgot blood is thicker than water. Dadi asks him to return the will. Balraj burns the will papers. They smile. Dadi worries and calls Raghav.

Raghav answers. Dadi asks Raghav to come fast. Raghav asks what happened Dadi. Sudha and Pam catch Dadi and phone falls. Balraj says be careful, else police will doubt. Dadi faints. Raghav tells Naina to come fast, we should go home, I don’t feel right. They rush home. Sudha acts and asks Dadi to wake up, its Veer’s marriage. Naina asks Dadi to get up. Raghav asks what happened suddenly. Balraj says we did not know this will happen.

Raghav and Naina cry and hug Dadi. They rush to call doctor. Balraj stops him and asks where are you going. Raghav says I m going to call doctor, Dadi will get fine. Balraj asks are you trying to cover up old guilt, what do you want to show. Raghav asks what. Pam says Dadi is in coma because of you both, Naina is the reason of all this. Sudha says Dadi had to bear all this, she has golden heart, because of both of you, Naina tries to blame us again, she took Dadi to clinic, we don’t know what happened there, Naina said Sanjana is not pregnant, she is just acting, Dadi believed Naina and did not feel to ask us, today she is in coma.

Raghav says Naina can never do this. Naina looks at Raghav. Balraj says pack your bags and leave, no need to come office, you are fired. Sudha and Pam insult them. Pam gets a broomstick and asks them to take the last tip as per their status. She throws it at Raghav. Naina catches it and looks on angrily.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Balraj says idiot Raghav signed on document without reading and named all property on our name. Sudha says Raghav does not know to take situation’s advantage. Naina says you are right.

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