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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

The Episode starts with Raghav talking to Nath. He says don’t mind me asking, did your wife had sonography. Nath says yes, four times. Raghav says nice, you can tell about baby in the report. He shows Naina’s sonography report and asks what do you see in this. Nath says baby. Raghav asks do you really see it, its my friend’s wife’s sonogram, he did not see baby in it, so I said its easy. Nath shows him the baby in the report. He says great, he has long hands like laws. Nath smiles and says its 2-3 months sonogram. Baby did not develop, this is the baby. Raghav asks is this black dot baby. Nath says yes. He goes. Raghav says you are also like Naina, amazing.

Khurana asks doctor how can the secret go with Ahana. Doctor says surrogacy is illegal in Austria, Ahana came with an indian woman for IVF.Khurana asks where is that woman, I want to know about her. Doctor says she went to India, sorry I can’t give you info. Khurana scolds him and says how can you have Ahana’s name for that woman, find her details. He says my wife cheated you, the woman is Ahana’s surrogate, you know its illegal, you remember your license can get cancelled, better give me all details of that woman.

Harjeet comes to meet Naina. Dilraj jokes on her. She asks Harjeet to go. Harjeet enters the house. Dilraj asks who are you. Harjeet says I came to meet Zeenu. Zeenu asks what happened. Dilraj says she came to meet you. Harjeet scares Zeenu and asks her to answer well. Zeenu asks are you out of your mind. Harjeet says my son is in jail because of you, take the case back, take any money and end this, you did acting to take money, its easy way to get money.

Naina comes and asks what else do you know about poor people. Raghav takes care of Dadi. He says you know I don’t know what to name this feeling, I should hate this baby which changed my life, I wish you could explain me the meaning, I don’t want to forgive Naina, when I see sonogram, I feel this is my baby. He sees Dadi reacting by touching the sonogram. He says I know you are listening, your health is getting fine, can Naina and her child make you fine, I will not hate Naina, your love is bigger than my hatred.

Naina asks Harjeet what’s her offer. Harjeet says one lakh. Naina does not listen. Harjeet increases the amount to 10 lakhs. Naina says I know my friend has spent many hours in hospital. Zeenu lost two job offers, she could not stand and pray in her Dadi’s death anniversary. She tears the cheque and says this amount is nothing, you like to show status of poor people, I think Armaan got this cowardness from you, so he left an injured innocent girl on road. Harjeet asks her to shut up. Zeenu asks Naina not to take stress, she is pregnant. Harjeet says Zeenu is right, this can be bad for your health. Naina asks why are you sweating when you came to scare me. She shows the door. Harjeet leaves.

Khurana gets the doctor’s call. He asks her to say truth. Doctor says I have imp info for you, but…. Khurana asks him to tell fast. Doctor says one month ago, I got that woman’s call to know prescriptions. Khurana says send me that number right now.

Harjeet says I have to do Jap again tonight, Ahana went by leaving her child, and this Naina is making Armaan sit in jail, how to find the way to break this problem. She gets a call. The man says I got that woman’s pic, we have beaten her land lord, we deleted photo from her phone. She asks him to send the pic.

Khurana says Ahana you are not in this world, but our baby is here, I want my child. Harjeet gets the pic. She gets shocked seeing Naina’s pic. She smiles and says I found her, wow.

Khurana gets the number and says this is the first step to reach my child. He calls on number and gets to know its Indu Mehra Enterprises. He asks is this Raghav’s office. The lady says yes, may I know to whom you want to talk. He says that woman called from this number, it means that woman works for Raghav, very soon we will meet again Raghav.

Naina dreams of her son pulling her cheeks and waking her up. He says I will look such when I grow up, you have to save me. She asks from whom. He says save me, my life is in danger. He hugs her. She worries. Naina wakes up. She says thank God, it was just a bad dream. She sees the time and runs for office. Raghav sees all his employees’ medical happening. Pandey says I m getting their medical checkup done, we can give them medical benefits. Raghav says I did not decide to which hospital we will give this contract, who has taken this decision. Pandey says your business partner, there he is. Raghav turns and sees Khurana. He says your shopping business went in loss, you started healthcare. Khurana says my business is fine, I came to see if my employees here ae taken good care of or not.

Naina says I have to go on work, why did you not wake me up. Dilraj says I told her, you and your baby need rest, stress is not good. Naina says I know, what will I feed to baby if I don’t work, my boss is rude, if I make mistakes, I will lose job, the day started strange, but all is well, I will have tea in office, I m going temple to get peace. Maid hears this and informs Harjeet. Someone follows Naina. She goes to temple and asks shopvendor about garlands. The goon reaches her.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Khurana tells Harjeet that he got to know that woman works in Raghav’s office. Harjeet infects an apple. She says after one bite of this apple, you won’t know how your baby died. Naina takes apple to eat.

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