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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

The Episode starts with Armaan asking Khurana to listen. Khurana slaps him and asks him to manage his life on own, Armaan is dead now. Harjeet gets angry seeing Armaan’s wound. Armaan says Khurana threatened me that he will disown me, I don’t know how that girl changed. She says Khurana does not know what I can do for my son. She hurts herself. Armaan asks her to stop it. She says now this state will be shown, warriors drop blood before war, if I have to flow my blood to win, I accept. Sudha comes and asks Harjeet why did she call her urgently.

She gets shocked and asks what’s all this. Armaan says mum is not explaining me anything. Harjeet says whatever I m doing is for your future, enemy has laid trap, now its my turn, I want my army to win this war, if I have to take revenge from Khurana, I want my army.

Armaan says you just move Khurana from my way, then I will support you, I just hate him. She says then swear to support me. Sudha and Armaan hold her hand. Sudha goes to Dadi. She says I want your advice, Ira locked herself in room, I m worried, just you can explain her, please come. Dadi says I heard Ira’s voice in morning, there is nothing to worry. Sudha says yes, after losing Veer, I got fear in heart, you know children overreact. Dadi says fine, I will come and talk to Ira. Sudha thanks her and messages Harjeet.

Khurana talks on phone. He says funds won’t be released for Armaan, I will decide what Armaan gets, he has wasted much money. Harjeet comes to him. He gets shocked seeing her wounds. He asks what’s all this. She says Naina…. He gets shocked. She says Naina did this. He asks did Naina do this. She says yes. He makes her sit. She says Naina does not like me, I was thinking to meet baby and then give prasad, my aarti ended, I went to met Ahaan. He does the aid. She says Naina came there, she was angry. He asks did she go mad. She says no, she came and snatched Ahaan from me, I love Ahaan, Naina does not let me be with him, she has thrown my aarti plate and beaten me, she pulled my hair, she was getting glad seeing me, if you saw in her eyes, you would have known she was getting peace seeing my pain. He says enough, I can’t hear more, Naina has crossed limits, she has raised hand on my mum, she has to pay price for this. She says I m worried for you, Naina can do something to Ahaan, if anything happens to him, I can’t bear it, Naina is dangerous, save Ahaan, you said Naina won’t hurt Ahaan, but she goes out of control, no…. keep her away from Ahaan. He consoles her and says I was quiet for Ahaan, she has given birth to Ahaan, it does not mean she will do anything. He goes. She smiles.

Khurana goes to Naina and scolds her. Naina says I did not do anything. He asks really, I will do and show now. He drags her. Harjeet says Sudha and Dadi are not here, we will kill the baby now, Naina’s feathers will get cut, Khurana will not leave Naina. Naina says let me go, baby is alone. She shouts. Khurana ties her to the chair. She shouts for help. He says none will come to help, shout more.

Armaan says I did not do anything being your son, you are planning my future, better late than never, I will do your work, I will kill that baby. Harjeet asks why. He says Khurana thinks he will disown me, won’t I do anything, I will take revenge from Khurana and Naina, I will snatch everything from them. She smiles. Naina says baby needs me, leave me. She shouts. Khurana says this injection will help me in controlling you, stay calm. Khurana injects Naina. She faints.

Harjeet says we will call psychiatrist home, we have to get Naina treated for mental illness. He says we will call him home, what’s the need to go. She says yes I forgot in tension. He says I will meet doctor. She says no, I can’t stay, Naina dislikes me, she won’t listen to me, I will talk to Dadi, she will control Naina. He says fine, I will call Armaan to keep an eye on Naina. She says he is not at home, he can’t come, we will meet doctor once. Khurana and Harjeet leave. Armaan looks on and smiles. He sees Naina and says I can do my work, everyone will think Naina killed her baby, Khurana did not tie her well. He ties Naina well. He fills water in bathtub. He takes the baby and asks baby to say bye bye to Naina.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Armaan scolds baby. Naina calls out baby. She sees Armaan holding the baby and gets shocked.

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