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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina buying the garland. The man informs Harjeet about puja starting. Naina prays in temple. Khurana says I will clean all junk in your office. Raghav asks how did you get interest in my business, you were saying big things that day, did you change mind seeing my stocks. Khurana says you got scared of me now. Raghav says I m not scared of anyone. Khurana says I don’t run away from fields. Raghav says you have to go, maybe you don’t know, my company is Austria based, the stocks did not go on Armaan’s name yet, you have nothing to do with this company, till transfer happens, I would like to take all decisions, as its my company and my place, wild animals are not raised, they are hunted. He asks guards to take Khurana out. He applies sanitizer and taunts. Khurana smiles recalling past moment. He shows money to the guards.

Naina does charity at the temple. Harjeet sits as beggar and blesses Naina’s child. Naina worries and asks how do you know I m pregnant. Harjeet says this baby’s soul is great, baby brought a glow on your face, many pregnant women come here, I did not see such glow, its because of this baby, this baby is Lord’s avatar, I want to touch your feet. Naina says you are elder to me, you can’t touch my feet. Harjeet cries and acts. Naina says I want you to bless my child.

Harjeet gives her an apple for the baby. Naina smiles. Harjeet asks her to have the baby. Naina says see baby, you thought your life is in danger, even strangers are blessing you, how can anything happen to you. Harjeet recalls injecting medicine in apple. She says one bite of this apple, you won’t know how you lost your baby. Naina is about to eat apple. Her phone rings. She keeps apple in purse. Raghav asks don’t you want to come office, come fast, ad campaign meeting is going to start. Naina ends call. Harjeet asks will you eat this apple. Naina says yes, I will eat this apple, I promise, you take care, I m getting late. She goes. Harjeet says baby will go to Ahana and stay happy in heaven.

Raghav is in meeting. Naina comes there and collides with the bottles. She smiles and arranges bottles. Raghav tells about the ad. He says man has duty towards the house, a clean atmosphere, I was not in India when I made this product, man and woman can use this product, I want to tell men to do duty towards the women, share the burden. Naina recalls Raghav. Kal ho na ho….plays…….. Raghav says you come late and daydreaming here, meeting ended, you are busy in thoughts. She says I was thinking of your words. He says I was talking of such wives, who are loyal to their husbands, this does not suit you. She says this suits you, you were saying about man sharing loads, you don’t even respect women, you are a playboy. He says I would expect you to work here. She says your standards are very high. He asks her to start work, send lunch for me. She goes.

Khurana says impossible, how can this happen. Doctor says yes, there is no one pregnant there, we did all female employees checkup. Khurana says fine, go. He says maybe that woman left the job, or took leave that day. Harjeet comes. He asks where were you. She says I went to pray, I was in temple. She prays for baby. He sees dirt mark on her face. She says I love kids, I got a poor kid in temple and played with him, leave all this, why did doctor come here. Khurana says its my first step to find the surrogate, I got to know where is she. Ahana’s doctor told me, I got to know she is in India, she works in Raghav’s company. She gets shocked. He asks are you fine, shall I give you water, I can understand, even I was shocked, I promise I will find her, I will get your grandson here. She blesses him.

Naina asks Raghav to start dictation. Raghav asks her to add line in ad campaign. She corrects him and says I focus on work. She gets apple to eat. He asks her to keep apple and work. He says I want to explain people, that its husband’s love for wife that he saves her from all dangers. He asks her to have food if she is hungry. She asks how did you know I have picked apple to eat. He says I have extra eyes for employees for you, get your lunch and eat, I don’t want to hear any sad story. She thanks him and says I will order food, I woke up late and could not get food. She calls and orders food.

He thinks she has to eat restaurant’s oily food in this state. Raghav says what’s this nonsense food, I don’t want to eat this roti, its overhealthy, send it back. She takes that food tray. He says wait, food should not be wasted, you have it, thinking its punishment. She says if I eat this, what will you have. He says don’t think much, sit quiet and eat. Kal ho na ho….plays…… She says its not punishment, its my fav food, that too homemade. She sits eating. He smiles.

She takes the food tray and leaves the apple on his table. Khurana gets guard’s call. Guard says its medical emergency here, I don’t know, I m keeping an eye here. Khurana says medical emergency. Harjeet hears this and asks did anything happen to that woman, I feel restless, you take me there, till I see myself, I will be worried. He says no, that woman was not there, relax, I will ask driver to get car. Harjeet says Ahana, your child is going to come to you soon. She smiles and says its good news before Rahukaal ended.

Harjeet argues with Raghav. Raghav says Armaan is such ill mannered, maybe he went on his mum. Khurana shouts. Raghav raises hand on Khurana. Harjeet stops him.

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