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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with office girl asking Naina how can she do big mistake to complaint about client to police, did he buy company to take revenge. The man says now he will trouble us by becoming our boss. Naina says we know everyone here did mistakes, and spoiled company name, I don’t know Raghav well, but he got success in less time, you will also get success by working with him. Raghav gets angry on Pandey for not having right files. Pandey says all works happens this way here, take me to Austria, see how I work. Raghav says stop talking rubbish, you have no employee records, shall I snatch your job, I like organized work, I want all details of employees. Pandey tells details of other employees. Raghav scolds him for calling peon as ordinary men. Raghav says no one’s talent depends

on educational qualification.
Pandey says right, Naina is over qualified for this job, but she agreed to do small work, so we hired her. Raghav says I have nothing to do with her educational qualification, Naina has to prove that she deserves this job, make few file of all employees, if anyone tries to run away, we should have someone who takes their guarantee. Pandey asks do I need to fill such form. Raghav says no need, you have no brains to cheat, get out.

Veer thanks Khurana for meeting. He says I got a good business deal for you, your sanitizer was top selling product, not its not. Khurana says its an art to sell it, you won’t know. He taunts Veer. Veer says don’t underestimate me, Raghav challenged your company, shake hands with me, then see its for our good. Khurana asks seriously, I know Mehra family’s name and money fell down, what miracle will you do. Veer says now we both will taunt each other, but no use to do that, you did not do right to return the mob idea, if you had that idea, think of your success, Raghav got more successful than you. Khurana says I m not interested to hear his praise. Veer says I can give you Raghav’s business secrets, I believe everything is fair in love and war, you came here to ruin Raghav, I know, sign this deal, I promise to ruin Raghav, will you like to shake hands with me. Khurana says one should be not desperate to sign deal, we have a deal, take next meeting appointment.

Raghav reads Naina’s form and says you left form incomplete, husband’s name, address, blank why, all info is blank. She says you said my life is hollow, I have no one, no husband and no relatives, woman does not need husband’s name for identity, I have written my late father’s name. He asks shall I call him in emergency, and your child’s father, his number should be there, maybe that’s why you lost all relations, as you could keep it. She asks is my job safe or not. He says I would have not let you roam around the office, you would have gave lecture to Pandey, this won’t work on me, don’t take my decisions, I m giving you a chance to prove yourself to save your job, this is your problem, you always hurry and its your loss always.

He says your qualification is high, I m not bad boss, you will be my secretary from today, private and personal. She looks at him. He asks why, do you have to leave job, good, need makes person do miracles, you work for me, one more thing Naina, I m not Pandey, I won’t make your life easy. Naina says my life was never easy, I have habit to work more than you, so don’t you worry, thanks. She goes out.

Pandey tells her to give 10000rs. She sees the money gone from drawer. She thinks where did money go and tells him. He says don’t do this, check well. She says let me find it. Raghav comes and asks what’s happening. Pandey tells about money gone missing. Raghav says its strange, that Naina is always reason of problem, see you left info document empty and did this, I tried to ignore your mistakes, but I can’t ignore this theft. She says I did not do theft. He says every thief says the same, there is no one to guarantee about you, where is the money. She says I don’t know. He taunts her about her character and intentions. She says I did not do theft. He says I would have believed you if your history did not have greed, you break relations for money.

Pandey says tell us else we will call police. Naina says I did not steal money. Raghav scolds her. He asks Pandey to get CCTV footage to know about money. Pandey says CCTV is not working, I told Sharma to fix it, how much work will I do. Raghav says fine, all staff members will be searched, we will start with Naina. Pandey says Naina is ladies, its not good to check ladies. Raghav asks why, women protest for gender equality, female staff will be checked, if Naina is not guilty, what’s the problem. Sharma’s wife says I can’t see woman’s insult, I will check her.

Raghav says Naina do one thing, check Mrs. Sharma. The lady asks why. Sharma says she is my wife. She comes to give me tiffin. Raghav says how sweet, Sharma your wife sends good food for you, lets see what she got. He opens the tiffin and sees food. He finds money in the tiffin box. Everyone get shocked.

Raghav says I did not know people like to eat notes with dish. Sharma’s wife apologize. Raghav says your husband should be ashamed, what’s this drama, your wife was eager to search Naina, you did not fix CCTV, I understood thief is around. Sharma says I told my wife to support me to steal money for kids’ fees, forgive me. Raghav asks Pandey to call police. Sharma’s wife says don’t call police, I promise…. He says I hate this word, this word ruined my life before. Naina looks on.

Raghav says you know I have allergy with perfume, your name should be Miss Khatra instead Miss Batra.

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