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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Khurana celebrating Naina’s new post. He says my everything is on Naina’s name, don’t kick me out of the house, I will be your puppet, your hardwork got you here. Dadi says you have a big heart to give business to Naina. He says no, I gave it to someone dear. He holds Naina and says life gave me a reason to live again, I want to live with my perfect life partner, my fate is good that Naina came in my life. Naina says I will see baby. He holds her and says now Naina is not alone, I m with her always, so I named everything to her.

Dadi says Naina did right to marry you, you both need each other, how to celebrate this evening. He says this is my relaxing time, ask Naina. Sudha and Pam talk about Tai. Pam says I will never go there now. Sudha says you can’t do this. They have a talk.

Dadi prepares things for the dinner. Ira asks why this celebrations, what’s the reason. Dadi says its celebration time, Naina got POA from Khurana. Ira gets shocked. Pam asks Balraj to massage her heapam d. Harjeet massages her head. Pam sees Harjeet and gets shocked. Harjeet asks why are you hiding the secret from me. Pam asks what secret. Harjeet says Sudha and you are cooking something, tell me the secret.

She fills Pam’s ears against Sudha and convinces her to say the truth. Ira calls Pam. Ira says Khurana named everything to Naina. Pam gets shocked. Harjeet asks what happened. Oam says Khurana named POA to Naina. Harjeet gets shocked.

Tai asks the man why did those women come. He tells everything. She says why did they come here, they are rich women, I understood Sudha and Pam can make plans with Harjeet and Khurana to trouble Naina. Sudha gets Raghav’s call, who asks her to save him. She screams. Pam and Harjeet come. Pam asks her why did she scream. Sudha makes an excuse and sends Harjeet. Sudha says Raghav called me, he is alive, don’t tell me you said this to Harjeet. Pam says no, but she is clever woman, she will find out our secret. Sudha says none should know Raghav is alive. Harjeet hears this and says what, Raghav is alive.

Khurana praises Naina. She asks him to stop it now. Tai calls Naina. Naina goes and answers. Tai asks about Sudha and Pam. Naina says yes, they are Raghav’s aunt. Tai tells everything. Naina says what were they doing there. Tai says they are clever I think Harjeet is along, I will manage here.

Sudha beats up Pam. Pam says I won’t go with you, we have to save Raghav. Sudha says its dangerous to go in that chawl, we should know self defense, do you want like a coward on seeing Tai. Pam says I m ready to fight, none can stop us. Sudha twists Pam’s hand. Naina says what was Sudha doing there, I have to find out. Khurana asks what happened. Naina says nothing. He asks what did aunts do, its fine you don’t want to say.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Harjeet insults Naina and asks Khurana to change, he will ruin one day. He asks Harjeet to get out.