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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with the sadhu asking Naina is her name Ahana. She stops him. He asks her to show her real avatar, come out. She says you want to me my real face. She throws her saree away and comes in a short dress. She says this is my real avatar, I m Ahana Khurana, what happened Sasumom, are you confused, don’t worry, Naina’s body is just clothes, face changed, but soul is same, if I came in real avatar, everyone would have known I have come back, I stayed as Naina to fool you.

Sadhu says you have to leave this body now. Naina laughs and says you think I will leave Naina’s body so soon, you know I was dying to get my baby, this woman tortured me and called me Baanch, now I will stay with my husband and baby. Khurana comes home. Sudha asks him to reach home, Harjeet, Dadi and Naina are not answering. He says I reached home. Sudha says oh no, how did he reach so soon.

Sadhu says you have to leave this body and go. Naina asks will you force me to leave Naina’s baby, I died longing for baby, I will not leave Naina’s baby. She pushes him. She catches the men and pushes them. She ruins everything. Sadhu says I did not see such spirit, if we want Ahana’s soul to go back, we have to send her child to her, her child has to die. Naina faints. Khurana holds him and asks what will you do, will you kill my son. He beats Sadhu. Harjeet asks Khurana to leave him. Khurana sees Naina and holds her. He asks Harjeet what’s this. Harjeet says she is fooling us, she has someone’s spirit in her, remove her saree and see her clothes, I will show you. He asks her to stop it, how could you do this, she is my wife. He lifts Naina and takes her.

Khurana makes Naina rest. Harjeet comes. She says you did not see what happened. He asks how could you ruin house respect this way, you dislike Naina, but you love me and Ahaan, Naina is my wife, I won’t give a chance to anyone to ruin her respect, I respect you a lot, but you won’t do this again. Naina opens eyes and smiles. Harjeet gets shocked. Harjeet thinks what to do to bring Ahana in front of Khurana.

Its morning, Dadi wards off bad sight from Naina. Naina says Sudha fed you soup, but Harjeet gave that soup to her, so that she makes you conscious, we should show them what we can do, Harjeet is like wounded weak tigress, we should use this chance and prepare to make Khurana away, Armaan has run away without support, I m sure he will be in contact with Harjeet, she will send him money. Dadi says yes, when we tell this to Khurana, then he will be angry, he will not forgive Harjeet. Naina says I have a good plan to tell him.

Khurana asks Naina are you okay. Naina says no, wounds will heal, but what I m feeling won’t heal. He asks what happened, we are not bothering, but you can share. She says my mum used to say bahu does all duties, misunderstandings and fights happened here, I trouble your mum, I want to help her, I want to fulfill bahu’s duties, I will get occupied in work.

Harjeet says managing Ahaan is big thing, my mum asked me not to become bad saas, you won’t be hurt, you do your Dharm, I will do my Karm. Khurana says no, Naina is saying right, you get tired and need rest, if Naina helps, your burden will get less, I don’t want to refuse her, give her keys. She asks why. He takes keys from Harjeet and gives to Naina. Harjeet says its not easy to manage home, Naina is new here. Khurana says yes, she will learn. He goes. Naina asks Harjeet to bless her. Harjeet goes.

Dadi asks Naina did she get anything. Naina says no, every month money is transferred to old age home, if we go there, we can find clue. Dadi says I have an idea, none will doubt on us. Naina says you got smart being with me. Harjeet asks where are they going this way. Naina says I was going for shopping. Dadi says to watch picture. Naina says we will go for picture first and then shopping. Harjeet asks why are you taking Ahaan along, give him to me, I will manage.

Naina says we will manage. Harjeet says I will come along. Naina says no, we just have two tickets, sorry, next time we will take you. They leave. Harjeet calls Sudha and asks her to follow Naina and Dadi. Sudha says I m busy, I can’t do your work. Harjeet says go and find out what they are doing, I have no time now.

Naina and Dadi come to old age home. Naina says Sudha wanted to give me parenting book right now, why is she showering love on me. Dadi asks her to forget Sudha. Naina meets manager and says she is my Dadi Sasu, she is not leaving me, I have cute little baby, I have to manage baby, you keep Dadi, you will get money, we are from rich family. He says she can stay here. Naina says I will give any amount. Dadi says standards should match my standards. Naina asks him to show if this place is according to her standards or not. Sudha looks on.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A lady says I will play with baby, but first I will meet my lovely bahu Harjeet. Dadi smiles.

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