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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav reaching the cliff. Naina shouts Raghav. He runs to her. They recall the old moments. He opens arms for her. Tu thodi der aur thehr jaa…..plays…. Naina stops him and shows the bomb fixed to her. He gets shocked. He asks what’s this. Naina says my truth, someone wants to kill me and my baby, maybe he will succeed today. He says I won’t let this happen. She asks him to go away. He says I will save you. He holds her. She says don’t touch me, go. He shouts please, don’t get away. They cry. He says I promised baby I won’t let anything happen to you and Chotu, nothing will happen, I love you Naina. She gets shocked. He says I can’t lose you. They cry. He kisses her hands.

She says you expressed love for the first time, and maybe last time. He says its not last time, I will save you. She says I just want to say, I love you, I m easily saying this, I was keeping this in my heart, this truth was giving me courage to live. He says you will get courage always, I can’t make you lose, fate can’t separate us. She says what fate do we have, we met for someone else, when I tried to come close, you went away, when you missed me, I went away, fate won’t let us get together, this story will end today, I told you my feelings, I have seen love in your eyes, I can happily go now. He says no. They cry and recall their marriage. She gets away and says promise me you will take care of yourself, we will meet in next birth, where none can separate us. He asks her not to come ahead. She says I left you without taking your permission, I don’t want to repeat my mistake, I love you. He asks her to please stop. She falls down. He shouts Naina. Marke bhi na vaada …..plays….. He jumps down after her. The bomb explodes.

Raghav rushes Naina to hospital. He asks Naina to open eyes. Doctor treats Naina. Raghav says nothing will happen to you Naina. He goes and prays in temple. He says Naina has belief in you, if anything happens to Naina or my child, people will lose belief in you. He cries. Dadi and everyone come. Dadi asks Raghav what’s all this, are you fine, what’s happening.

Inspector says we reached the place, but we did not get any clue there, bomb blast was not ordinary, you are lucky to get saved, you could not lost your life while removing bomb from Naina. Raghav says my life is in Naina. Inspector says you think Khuranas are behind this attack, do you still doubt them. Sudha gets tensed. Doctor comes. Raghav asks is Naina fine. Doctor says she gave birth to her child, its a boy. Raghav smiles and hugs Dadi.

Dadi says thank God, baby is fine. Raghav asks can I meet Naina. Doctor says none can meet her now. Raghav asks why, everything okay. Doctor says baby is premature, there is internal injury. Dadi asks will you save the baby, tell me. Doctor says I can’t say anything right now, both Naina and baby are critical. I think baby can’t survive. They get shocked.

Dadi and Raghav cry. Naina asks where are you taking my baby, give me my child. Raghav comes there. Naina says stop them Raghav, let me see my baby once. Raghav asks can we stay with our baby for a min. Naina and Raghav cry seeing the baby. Naina says nothing will happen to my baby right. Doctor says we have to take baby for surgery. Naina asks why, what happened. Raghav says nothing will happen, just take rest, I m there, I will manage. He hugs Naina.

Sudha calls Harjeet and says its a bad news, Naina gave birth to a son. Harjeet asks what are you saying, which Nakshatra is saving them. Sudha says they are in serious condition, we should not lose, doctor is trying to save Naina and baby. Harjeet says Naina should not love life, we will cut their life string now, I will do this work myself. She thinks how will I go hospital, I will not let Naina win.

Armaan asks how can you decide for my life. Khurana says its decided now. Harjeet says its a good news, Naina gave birth to a son. Khurana says maybe she kidnapped herself to get rid of mad husband. She asks her to forget it. He says what, he insulted you. She says maybe he was worried and said that in anger, I heard Naina got hurt because of that bomb attack, we will see her once. Khurana says no, I don’t have a big heart, we will not go there, now I won’t let Armaan and Ira’s marriage happen now, we are not related to Mehras now, I won’t forget how Raghav insulted you, if you go out of this house to meet Mehras, you will see me dead. She gets shocked.

Naina refuses to have medicines and asks nurse to go. Raghav comes to Naina and asks what happened, will everything get fine if you don’t take medicine. She says my baby is fighting for life. He says you have to get fine for baby, you have to plan his room, you think I will do everything. He hugs her and says I planned many things, you have to support me, you have to tell him stories too. He makes her have medicines. He asks her to choose clothes for baby, you will get storybooks, he will get intelligent like you, take care of yourself for baby and me.

Doctor comes and says baby got internal injuries, there is much blood loss, donate your blood to baby, your blood can be transfused. Raghav asks is my blood needed. Doctor says other’s blood can’t be used for baby, he is premature baby, you are the father, so your DNA matches with baby, it will be better you give blood, baby’s body will not reject your blood, come soon. Doctor goes. Raghav asks Naina what will we do now, my blood will not match with the baby. Naina asks him to call Rehaan Khurana, his DNA will match with the baby. Raghav gets shocked.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav asks Khurana to come with him and save his child, as his DNA will match with the baby. Khurana asks what do you mean, why will my DNA match with your baby.

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