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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Dadi getting unwell. Naina cares for her and asks her to get checkup done. Dadi says I m fine. Naina says you have to take care, your supervision in marriage is necessary, we all know Veer’s marriage is imp to you, do you want to miss Veer’s marriage, no right, we will go to doctor. Dadi says I think roles got reversed, you are my Dadi. Naina feeds her food. Dadi thanks her. Naina asks Dadi to finish food.

Raghav makes cake and says what’s this logic that men have to say sorry or thanks, women win by default. Raghav writes sorry on cake. He says this cake burnt, its fine, I made it first time, so it will be like this, thanks to online recipes, atleast this much is made, see how they look fresh after making cake and I got so tired. He says cake should not be seen, feelings should be seen, I made this cake to say sorry to Naina, I wasted her beautiful cake. Naina comes and hears him. She asks what are you hiding, I did not think you can fall so low. He asks what did I do. She says how could you do this, below the belt attack. He asks what, making cake for you can’t be below the belt attack. She asks what do you think of yourself, you wanted me to hate myself and made fun of me, smart move.

He thinks she is doing this to make me feel guilty, she does not know with whom is she fighting. He apologizes for his mistakes and says I wanted to do something special for you. She says this was bad way to say sorry, you were making me eat burnt cake, and Sorry has two R. He holds her. Har ghadi badal rahi hai….plays……He says I know cake was burnt, and one R got missing in Sorry, but I said sorry right. She nods. He holds her close. They have a romantic moment.

They hear Veer and Sanjana shouting. They rush to see. Sanjana scolds Veer for booking one ticket for honeymoon, will I go alone, are you mad. Veer says its world class club, you are throwing things on me, people dream to go on cruise. Naina says sorry to come in between, but Veer values just things, you don’t understand importance of marriage, its such relation which is incomplete without love, its union of two souls, not any contract, how can you be superficial, honeymoon is not luxury, its such time where you want to spend some good time with your life partner. She describes the beautiful moments.

Raghav says sorry Sanjana, its my mistake, it was my responsibility to book tickets, I will fix it, don’t worry, you both will go on honeymoon together. Raghav asks Naina was she really professor, does she not know there are high tides on full moon night, the water will sink your love. They have a talk. Naina asks him about booking mistake, was it accidentally done. He says of course, why will anyone do that intentionally. She says how can you do this, you do work well. He says I m human, maybe I forgot. She asks him is he sure. She asks did you get helpless seeing someone’s tears and took blame on you. He thinks Naina got to know this, why do I do this, she gets hurt always because of me. She says its okay if you don’t want to say. He says there is nothing like that, come. She smiles and says stupid.

Its morning, Dadi and Naina come for checkup. Dadi says my regular doctor is not here, we will go home and come other day. Naina says we will go after checkup. Doctor comes and greets Dadi. Dadi blesses doctor and says he is famous doctor in Austria. The doctor says Lala ji sponsored my education, so I became doctor, I will be lucky to help you. Naina says Dadi is getting dizzy, we came for checkup. He suggests some test, and says its imp to be cautious in this age. Dadi says she is my bahu, she is elder grandson’s wife. He says Veer got married. She says no, she is Raghav’s wife, Veer is marrying tomorrow, he is marrying Sanjana, Pam’s niece. Doctor says I know Sanjana, I recommended her treatments, she has tuberculosis of uterus, I feel so bad, what will be sorrowful for a woman if she can’t conceive because of a disease. Dadi and Naina get shocked. Dadi asks can’t Sanjana become pregnant ever. Naina thinks I was worried Dadi would know this.

Sanjana says I never wanted a child, look at my figure, you think I will spoil my figure, TB of uterus is book for me. Pam says if Sudha knows this, you can’t conceive, it will be big issue. Sanjana says its easy to fool Sudha, she knows Veer well, Veer wants to go on honeymoon alone, I think Sudha can’t see her grandson ever. Doctor says sorry, did Sanjana not share this, I don’t treat patient’s case, but as you all are like my family, I told you, I asked Sanjana to share this with family, family support will be good for her. Naina worries. He says ask Sanjana to complete treatment soon, else she will never be able to conceive. Dadi gets shocked. He gets a call and goes for emergency.

Dadi says such a big cheat. Naina says we can’t change what happened, you promise me you will not fall weak, and take care of health. Dadi asks promise, I don’t believe this word, years ago, Lala ji and I saved money, he said we are doing this for children and keep doing this, we thought to give children a good future, maybe children are punishing me, I stopped seeing reality while fulfilling dreams. Naina consoles her. She thinks truth has come out, but Dadi got a big shock, she had seen many dreams for family.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Raghav says this is our divorce papers, I signed, you also sign, you are free from today. Naina gets shocked. Dadi says Sanjana can enjoy the gifts, as she is not pregnant. Everyone get shocked.

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