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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Khurana coming to Mehra office. He sees Pandey and goes to him. He asks does Naina Batra work here. Pandey says yes, but why. Khurana holds his collar and says your work is not to ask, just to give answer, where is Naina Batra. Naina comes and says I m Naina Batra. He turns and sees her. She recalls their meeting. He sees her stomach. He says you… are Naina Batra. She says yes, so? He says how can you be, you are Naina Mehra, Raghav Mehra’s wife. Pandey and everyone get shocked. The lady asks how, did we see them talking, it means they fooled us. Rajan says Raghav favors Naina always and change rules. Pandey says I did not think this in dream, that Raghav and Naina have such relation.

Khurana asks how did you become Naina Batra suddenly. She says its none of your business. He says its absolutely my business. He shows Ahana’s pic and says you know her. She says Ahana. He says yes, the late Ahana Khurana, married to Rehaan Khurana, you will remember you have our Amanat.

Naina recalls Ahana’s words and thinks he does not want Ahana’s child to come in world, how did he reach me, I have to do something. He asks why are you silent, why did your face turn pale. She says you thought I will be glad meeting you, we should talk. He says exactly, we have to talk.

He says you have my baby in your womb, I m the father of the child. Naina gets shocked and holds her tummy. She says what rubbish, stay in limit and talk. He says you can’t hide truth, I can see you are pregnant, Ahana made you surrogate. She scolds him and asks how dare you say such cheap thing, I m pregnant with my husband’s child.

She says I m a happily married woman and shows her ring. She says I m married to a rich and successful businessman, why will I do this, if my husband knows this blame, you are saying its your child, then even Lord can’t save you. He says I m not scared of Lord and devil, none can stop me from finding my child, you will say you don’t know Ahana. Naina says I know her, we were friends, it does not mean I m her surrogate. He asks what about calls made from this office to Austria’s doctor. She says this is my phone, check, I did not call any doctor, what happened, you are shocked. He says no, I m angry on you, you are lying, I don’t know why are you doing this. Naina says I know you are rude and clever businessman, who can go to any extent to fail rivals, you are doing this as Raghav is equal to you, Raghav does charity everywhere, maybe our staff called doctor from here about charity, this can happen right. He says enough. She shouts enough, leave from here, I will call Raghav, don’t think of doing this discussion again. He leaves. She says did you see, he is your dad, Ahana told me he does not want this child, what shall I do, I will not let anything happen to you, you are mine, none can separate you from me.

Pam and Sudha see the long list. Pam asks will three women eat so much food, we have to go. Sudha says just see, what I do, I ordered food from restaurant. Pam says I love you. Sudha says if Raghav sees us, he will give us work. Zeenu stops them and asks where are you going. Sudha says I m not your aunty. Pam says we did not tell even our Saas, who are you. Dilraj comes and asks why are you angry, your Saas is bed ridden, I will ask Raghav. Sudha says no need to ask him, we are going for high tea. Dilraj asks what. Pam says we are going for event. Dilraj jokes on them.

Sudha and Pam argue. They say we are pure now by gangajal. Dilraj pours gangajal on them. Pam says its enough, thanks. Sudha and Pam go. Zeenu says you are amazing. Dilraj says now they will know what’s sprinkled on them.

Raghav keeps a phone. The guy says thanks, I don’t want new phone. Raghav says its damaged, you have to fix this, it fell in water, I can give this to shop, I don’t want anyone to know the secrets, I want to know call log, I trust you. The guy thanks him. Raghav thinks maybe I can find out why Naina was attacked and by whom.

Pam and Sudha hide food boxes and lie to Zeenu and Dilraj. Dilraj says it was not gangajal, Gaumutra. Zeenu tells them. Pam and Sudha get shocked. Dilraj says all evil go away by it, you got pure, you can wash your sins, cook food soon, talk less. They go. Pam gets angry. Sudha says calm down, we should be calm, I will make them have such food that they faint, I will make food more yummy. She adds salt and chilli powder. Pam and Sudha mix it.

They serve food. Sudha says we worked hard and hope you like it. She asks Naina to have green leafy veg dish. Raghav comes and says you both worked a lot, get my plate too. Sudha says you came early today. He asks for food. Pam serves him. They worry. He asks them to have food first as they made food by hardwork.

He holds Naina’s hand and stops her. He asks Sudha and Pam to take first bite. Sudha says I m on diet. Pam serves dish to Sudha. Sudha and Pam eat roti. He asks them to eat with curry. They eat and cough. They go.

Raghav leaves Naina’s hand. He says did you see, I m not your enemy, I m saving you from enemies. Naina says I don’t believe anything you say, Sudha and Pam attacked on face, your attack is not seen. He says I wish I could clear misunderstanding.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Khurana says you might be worried for baby’s future. Raghav asks what nonsense, who said I m going to become father. Khurana says your wife Naina told me.

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