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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha apologizing to Harjeet. Harjeet says you spoke everything what you had in heart. Sudha says I promise, I did not mean anything. Harjeet says you are foolish, I don’t forget anything. Sudha says sorry, do whatever you want to, I can do anything. Harjeet asks her to find Dadi and Naina’s plan. Sudha says I swear I will inform you. Khurana asks Harjeet to come, its time for her surprise gift. He asks Naina to give it to Harjeet, as she has chosen it. Naina says no, your son got this for you, I just helped him, its from Rehaan’s side. She hugs Harjeet and says our relation is special, I will give a special gift. Khurana asks what’s that special gift, which is more special than this diamond necklace. He gives the set to Harjeet.

Naina says I got something more valuable than this diamond necklace. He asks her to say what did she get. She calls someone. Dadi comes and shows Manjot. They get shocked. Khurana says Manjot/Biji, you did not call after coming, I missed you a lot. Biji hugs him and says I m feeling good to come back home, same love and warmth, I know you will forgive my mistake. Khurana hugs her. Biji asks Harjeet why is she standing away, fate had it written that we meet, come and hug me, did your grahs not warn you. Naina says its a nice day today, Harjeet will meet her Saas after long time. She touches Biji’s feet. Harjeet faints. Naina smiles. Biji asks Khurana not to worry, Harjeet is happy seeing me, she will be fine.

They take Harjeet inside. Khurana says trust me Biji, I can’t believe I m seeing you. Biji asks him to drink. He asks what are you doing, I heard you did not wish to stay with us as you wanted to take Sanyas. She says don’t be silly, Sanyas is not my cup of tea, I want to live luxurious life. He asks why did mum say this. She asks him to ask Harjeet. Harjeet wakes up. He asks her is she fine. She says yes. Biji says I thought you will hug me, you fainted. Harjeet says I m glad seeing you.

Biji says Rehaan wants to ask something. Naina says Biji said she never took Sanyas, why did you lie. Dadi asks her to say truth. Biji says what will she say, she could not come out of pleasant shock, I did not take Sanyas, I will say where I was, Harjeet has sent me to old age home. Khurana gets shocked. Dadi says my bad children did not do this with me. Khurana asks Harjeet is this true. Harjeet says I want to talk to you in private. Naina says maybe you did not like surprise. Harjeet says no, just you can give me such pleasant surprise.

Biji asks her to hug. She hugs Harjeet and says now I will fulfill my heart wishes. Harjeet asks what would I do Rehaan, I had to hide this truth. Khurana says you did not do right to end ties with Biji, not fair. She thinks to cry and melt his heart. She cries and says I had no way, Biji hates me, I came in her first bahu’s place, your mum was great, Biji never accepted me, I felt everything will get fine, this did not happen, I have always seen my mum in her, she did not regard me daughter, her anger is too much, I respect her, she attacked me one day. He gets shocked. She says yes, I had responsibility of two children. Biji never supported me, she filled poison in your heart about me, your dad had one dream, he wanted to see you successful, so I loved you more than Armaan, I wanted to see your dad’s dream fulfilling, she wanted to take you away and ruin our house, I had to make my children away from her. He holds her.

She says trust me, I m your mum, I would have never cheated, I did not torture her, I did not let her respect spoil, she lives the same way, I have sent her money every month from my money. He says I know. He gets a call and goes. She thinks tears always work. She sees shadow and opens door. She sees Naina. Naina says I got lemon water for you. Harjeet says you take care of me. Naina says come and cut the cake, all guests are waiting. Khurana asks Naina to manage everything. She says I will manage. He leaves.

Sudha asks Harjeet is she fine. Naina comes with a knife. She gives it to Harjeet and asks her to cut cake. She asks her to make a wish. Harjeet cuts the cake. Naina takes the cake to feed Harjeet. Ahana’s spirit enters Naina. Naina smears cake on her face. She wishes her happy birthday. Harjeet gets angry. She asks are you mad. Naina asks what did you think, I will celebrate your birthday. She argues. She reminds what Harjeet did on her birthday. She says you blamed me for stealing diamond necklace, you made me and Rehaan fight. Harjeet says it was nothing like that. Biji says great, Rehaan chose a great bahu, you made me happy. Naina asks Harjeet to do as she says, else she will expose her.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Khurana asks how dare you insult my mum. Naina says she deserves this. He raises hand. Naina holds his hand.

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