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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Naina laughing and talking to Dadi about Sudha and Pam. She says baby just kicked me, I felt he is playing football, can baby kick so soon, I know you will say baby is very small and can’t kick so soon, you check. She holds Dadi’s hand to her tummy. She sees Dadi’s hand getting a movement. She says I will introduce you, this is world’s best Dadi and this is my baby, when baby is born, he will call Dadi cute. She says Dadi will say girl or boy does not matter, baby should be healthy, talk to baby Dadi. Dadi moves hand. Naina smiles.

Khurana says I don’t know what I got misunderstanding, Naina is not the one whom I m finding, Sonali is Raghav’s GF, I think you got wrong news, Sonali made me reach Naina Batra, she is Raghav’s wife, I got to know she is not carrying my child. She says I don’t understand, what’s happening. He says Naina is pregnant, its Raghav’s child, not mine, I know her, she did a lot for Raghav, she loves her husband a lot. She just met Ahana, she is not related to my child, I got away from my child, don’t know how will I find my child. He goes. She thinks what’s this, why did Naina hide truth, that not Raghav’s child, they got separated, why is she lying, maybe my Grah are going good that they helped to fool Rehaan, now he can find his child, Naina will hide and I will get time to kill the baby. She smiles.

Raghav drinks wine. He says why do you do this, you think I m your life’s big villain, you feel I want to kill your baby, what nonsense, why are you blind, why can’t you see that I….. Harjeet and Khurana come. Khurana says would be father is so upset, strange, why did you sit as Devdas, you should be happy.

Raghav asks are you mad to come here. Harjeet says we came to forget everything. Raghav says call me Mr. Mehra. She says I know our family has tension, so me and my son came to end the complaints. She gives him sweets and says I could not stop myself hearing good news, please agree for Ira and Armaan’s relation. Raghav asks what good news. Khurana says I was thinking why you are possessive about half share of business, you maybe worried for baby’s future. Raghav says what nonsense, who said I m going to become father. Khurana says your wife Naina told me, these things do not hide for long, she is pregnant. She says this is devi maa prasad, call your wife. Raghav throws it. Khurana raises hand. Raghav holds his hand and says how dare you come here, I won’t let Ira marry your cheap brother, get out. Khurana and Harjeet leave.

Raghav thinks why did Naina lie to Khurana and goes to her. He holds her and says I should have done this before, I came to ask answers. She says I have no answers, I don’t want to talk. He holds her. She says stay away. He says I m your husband, your child’s father, you said this to everyone. She says I did not say. He says you hate lies, why are you saying stories. She says I don’t want to talk. He asks where will you go, I want all answers, till then I won’t let you go, tell me what you did that everyone got after you, who is the baby’s father.

Dadi moves hand. Raghav asks who wants to kill our baby, tell me, we both know I m not father of this child, what are you hiding, whom are you saving, whom are you punishing, you snatched husband’s rights and want tp give my name to this child, this child can never be mine as we never had husband and wife’s relation. She says you are after my child. He says if I was after your child, you would have not got saved, you think I wanted to kill the child, I know truth and understand why you are lying, someone does not want this baby to come in this world, tell me what did you do, who is this baby’s father, answer.

Dadi wakes up and says Raghav. Raghav and Naina get shocked and happily cry. Mai tenu yaad kaaran…..plays……. Raghav makes Dadi sit. Dadi sees Naina holding her tummy. Naina nods. She says Dadi got fine. Dadi says your baby… Naina says its 4th month. Dadi says much changed in 4 months. Raghav says yes, much changed, we left Pardes and came to our country, where you always wanted to come, I fulfilled all your dreams, I became big businessman, I started big business by your name. Dadi asks really, I m proud of you, you did not change, you forget everything in anger. She pulls his ears. He asks what happened. She says your wife is pregnant, you are shouting on her. He thinks Dadi thinks its my child. He says no, you are misunderstanding. She says I will beat you, Naina get my stick. Naina says take rest please.

Dadi says she loves me, you are useless. She pats his face. Naina says there is nothing such, he takes care of me and my child. He thinks why is Naina lying. Naina says I forgot to take vitamin tablets, so he got angry, he did not wish his baby to suffer, so small argument. Dadi says I came back to see these small arguments and for this child. Dadi hugs Naina and Raghav.

Pam and Sudha play cards and talk about Raghav and Naina. Madan and Balraj drink. Madan says he is making us work a lot in office, now its our bad time that we have to drink wine in tea cups. Sudha asks Pam to get Ira married to Armaan, Raghav will kick us out. Pam says Dadi is beneficial to us in this state. Raghav comes and says Lord heard your prayers. Sudha asks what. Naina gets Dadi. They get shocked.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina gets ready. Raghav makes her wear mangalsutra. She stops him from applying sindoor. She says Dadi came back after hearing baby’s heartbeat, what shall I tell Dadi that its not Raghav’s child. Dadi gets shocked.

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