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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Dadi. Dadi asks them to come and hug her. Madan and Balraj hug her. Sudha says she came out of coma, I think she lost memory, else Raghav would have kicked us out. Sudha and Pam hug her and act sweet. Dadi says I m glad you all worry for me. Ira and Shaurya come and get glad. They hug Dadi. Sudha says we got saved. Raghav says just for now, I never forget things, Dadi just got up, when I tell truth, be ready to go jail. Sudha and Pam continue their good act.

Dadi sees Dilraj and asks about puja arrangements, where are flowers. Zeenu gets flowers. Dadi asks her to call her Dadi. Zeenu calls her Dadi. Dilraj says you relax now, I will get things done well. Dadi says great, I woke up after long time, I m excited. Zeenu says Naina will kill us if we let you do anything. Dadi asks where is she, get silver plate cleaned. Dilraj says Naina would be getting ready. Dadi asks about Sudha and Pam. Dilraj and Zeenu go to see. Sudha and Pam cook food in kitchen. Sudha says they made us maids, its so irritating. Dilraj and Zeenu come to talk. Dilraj asks them to clean silver plates. Sudha gets angry and says its up, will you do some work or make us work. Dilraj says family does puja work. Zeenu says we won’t touch silver utensils, make it shine. They go. Sudha says we have to do this. Pam gets irritated. Sudha asks where are you going, Dadi asked us to work, you have to help me. Pam says I m from middle class, I don’t know making silver shine, you would know it. She runs. Sudha gets angry.

Naina gets ready and says I m looking good, this clothes are not fitting me, I got fate. Raghav comes and jokes. She asks him to talk sweet, not bitter. He taunts her on her internal bitterness. He asks her not to do yoga. She says we will not fight today, please help me if your taunting ended. She shows her backlace. He asks me? Of course. He ties string tightly and says blouse is going to get torn. She says I m not fat, I m pregnant, don’t be so mean. He says everyone know this. She asks him to do more work and pin her hair. She gets hurt and asks why are you angry. He asks why did you lie to Dadi about baby, its not my baby, Dadi is celebrating for you. She says you always lie and asking me, I lied for Dadi, she came back after hearing baby’s heartbeat, what would I say, we got separated and broke all dreams, and this baby is not of Raghav, Dadi thinks this baby called her, how to tell her about this baby, Dadi’s life value is more than this lie, you also lied to police about this baby. They argue. She asks him to stop shouting, he is not her boss at home.

She asks baby to see this man troubling her. She says I will lie 100 times for Dadi, I don’t care if anyone feels bad. He checks her purse. She taunts on his manners. He checks the things. She says don’t touch my things. He gets mangalsutra and says you lie to keep things in purse, so I was finding this, you have to wear this now.

Paas aaye….plays.. She recalls the marriage. Raghav makes her wear mangalsutra. She stops him from applying sindoor and says I will apply it. He says but I will have fun to apply it, I always filled it to keep a lie, maybe we always had a fake marriage, you have sacrificed your life someone, apply this for the one because of whom you love this baby. He applies sindoor. He tells baby that Naina thinks she is oversmart, but she is not. Dadi comes and sees them. She claps and says you are getting baby between fight, talk sweet with baby. Naina says see him. Dadi pulls their ears. They argue. Dadi says enough now, don
t fight, what will baby think on hearing this, come and sit in puja. We will pray that your fights end, come on follow me. Naina says you saw Dadi coming right. Raghav says yes and goes. Naina says attitude….

Pam asks Harjeet not to break relation. Harjeet says Raghav insults us, you are talking about relation. Pam says he always troubles us, he made us sad, he got his ex wife Naina home. Harjeet asks why. Pam says we don’t know, Naina’s baby is not of Raghav. Harjeet asks why is he doing this. Pam says there is new problem. Dadi came out of coma, its good news, its because of Naina, Dadi thinks its Naina and Raghav’s child and got willingness to leave, they are lying to Dadi, She always worries for Naina, Dadi treats us like orphans, please don’t break this relation, bring us out of hell. Harjeet smiles. Pam thanks her and goes.

Naina and Raghav do the puja. Dadi asks them to do puja together, its for baby. She insists. She gives a flower in their hands, and says baby joins parents, now forget the fights, think of baby first. Naina prays for baby. Raghav thinks baby is not mine but gave life to Dadi, I will protect baby for that favor. Dadi smiles.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav says love is such disease which has no medicine, we have seen deceive is such medicine by which this disease does not happen again, I was just saying what life teaches.