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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with Dadi explaining ritual to Naina and Raghav. She says you both have to make laddoos from this boondi, the one who makes good laddoo will think baby’s name and feed sweets to each other, this way baby will get name and also nutrition, start now. Naina says I will win. Raghav and Naina make laddoo. Naina says he is cheating and divides boondi. She makes the laddoos. Dilraj asks her to make big laddoos. Naina asks Raghav does he know difference between laddoo and pedha. Dadi says its your insult Naina. Raghav says she wants to see my laddoos, she does not see her work. Naina jokes on his laddoo. Dadi says we will see who won. Dadi checks and says get up now, the winner is… They all guess. Dadi says winner is Naina. Everyone clap.

Dadi asks Raghav to feed laddoo to Naina with love. Raghav feeds laddoo to Naina. She bites his hand. He asks are you cat, and feeds her complete laddoo. Dadi asks him to clean her face with tissue. Raghav does so. Shaurya says when fights happen, love will increase. Naina says love is always on its principles, it always bears pain. Dadi says great shayari. Raghav says I also want to say something, its said love is a disease, but betrayal is such medicine by which this disease never happens again. Dadi says you said great. Raghav says I m saying what life teaches. Naina says I will go and rest, I m feeling tired. She goes.

Harjeet says my aim is infront of me, everything will get easy after entering Raghav’s house, I will make Sudha and Pam do my work, I will kill Naina’s baby, and they will be blamed, shubha mahurat will start in 3 hours, Naina its time to send your baby to her mum, it will be good if Ahana and baby stay with Lord. Khurana comes and asks why are you going to meet Raghav, he insulted us.

She says Armaan did wrong, you would also do the same which Raghav did, I know you can raise hand on Armaan to bring him on right path, if Ira becomes our bahu, maybe she gets him on right path, its elder’s duty to forgive younger ones, ego and anger break relations, we are going to make relations there, I m hear some taunts for Armaan. He says you are so good and have much patience, once I get my child, I will ask him to become like you. She asks him to come. He says I won’t come, I get angry thinking of Raghav, you go and talk, sorry. He goes. She gets angry and says why does he come to cross my path.

Dadi thanks pandit for doing good puja. Sudha asks her to come and have lunch. They act good. Dadi says I did not get mad till now, I remember everything. They get shocked. Dadi says I got to know who are my real family, I m thankful to you to show truth, I just have to decide, how much shall I tell Raghav about your bad deeds, I decided to name all my property to Raghav’s child. Sudha says you have no property now. Pam asks which child, its a false, its not Raghav’s child. Sudha says all your name and money ended, Raghav bought this business, we are your family, so we will take care of you till your last breath. Pam says you think we are liars, Raghav and Naina are also liars. Dadi asks what nonsense.

Sudha says Raghav lied. Pam says Raghav and Naina were separated when you slept for 4 months. Sudha says Naina’s child is not of Raghav, Naina is having someone’s sin in her womb. Dadi gets shocked. Sudha says that’s why Raghav made her out of the house. Khurana comes there and hears all this. He thinks Naina and Raghav got separated, its not Raghav’s child, it means….. Raghav asks what nonsense in this. Sudha says yes, you lied to Dadi, maybe Raghav will tell truth to Dadi. Pam says they both are liars.

Dadi cries and asks is this true. Pam asks Naina to tell Dadi, Raghav kicked you out as you have someone else’s child in your womb. Sudha asks Naina to answer. Raghav says enough, if we were separated, how did Naina come here, she made Dadi fine, are you not ashamed to ask about this baby, who are you to ask, you always said I m your your family. Sudha says Dadi is yours, prove its your child. Khurana thinks this is the chance. He says yes Raghav, prove it, its your duty to clean stains off your wife’s name. Raghav asks how dare you come here. Dadi asks who is he. Khurana greets her and says I m Ira’s would be brother in law, I m Raghav’s business partner, Ira’s roka happened, engagement will happen soon. Raghav insults him.

Dadi asks what are you saying Raghav. Khurana says its fine, its kind of love and hate relationship, I came here as Dadi came out of coma, I came to take her blessings. Raghav asks him to call and come next time. Khurana says fine, what am I hearing about your wife, its wrong. Raghav says you are not related to this. Khurana says why will anyone point finger at her character, take her Agni pariksha, like Shri Ram took Sita’s Agni pariksha, get Dna test done, it will be known whose child is it. They all get shocked.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina cries and says Lord fulfilled our prayers, Dadi got fine because of this baby.

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