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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with nurse taking Naina’s baby and lying about checkup. She takes baby and leaves from hospital. Pam asks how long will we stay here. Sudha says Dadi has no emotions for us, she did not get sorrowful for Veer. Pam says what’s Harjeet doing, she reaches everywhere. Sudha sees Harjeet and asks her to be quiet. Pam says what, I don’t trust her. Harjeet calls Pam. Pam gets shocked. Harjeet asks why are you praising me so much. Pam says you deserve praising. She goes

Harjeet tells Sudha that Raghav and Khurana doubt each other, they will fight and lose. Sudha asks if you kill baby, won’t they doubt. Harjeet says no, they will doubt Raghav, he is mad about Naina, we have seen he is obsessive, they will doubt on him.

Raghav looks for baby and sees the toys. Khurana comes and laughs. He jokes on Raghav. Raghav asks where is my baby. Khurana says there is no baby here. The both argue. Raghav scolds her. Khurana says I did not kidnap my baby, I will get him home. Raghav asks did he know baby likes and dislikes, I will not let you take baby. Khurana says get lost, I m not foolish to keep him here, he is safe with me, you can’t reach there, before I kick you out, just go.

Naina shouts and asks for her baby. Dadi calms her. Doctor injects Naina. Naina sleeps. Sudha says I knew you will come here to find baby, baby is not here. Raghav asks how do you know. Sudha says I lost my son, I want to help you, baby is close, I heard Harjeet, sorry please do something and save that child. He says I will manage. He leaves. Sudha calls Harjeet. Harjeet says I will make Raghav become Khurana’s enemy, they will fight when I kill the baby. Sudha smiles.

Raghav calls the guy and asks can you hack anyone’s credit card details. The guy says yes. Raghav asks him to find about Khurana. He thinks if Khurana used credit card for buying baby’s medicines, I can find out baby’s location. The guy tells Khurana used card at medical shop. He tells details. Raghav goes there and acts as Shah.

He acts chemist to give him medicines which Khurana ordered. The chemist refuses. Raghav says I m a doctor, I m not interested to pick medicines, fine if anything happens to baby, it will be your responsibility. The man gives him medicines and address. Raghav reaches there and fools nurse that he is a doctor and came to do baby’s checkup. Nurse opens the door and sees Raghav. She tries to shut door. Raghav opens the door. He says sorry, I have no way. He locks her. He finds baby and takes him in lap. He says I have come to take you, we will stay together. Naina says baby was crying, he is in problem. Dadi says it was a dream. Naina says I have to find baby.

Raghav calls Khurana and says I have the baby, did you get angry, you started the game, you lost in your challenge, I have my son, you show rights and I love baby, I can kill and die for this love. Khurana asks where are you. Raghav asks him to find him if he can. Khurana worries. He loads the gun and leaves. Harjeet stops him and asks where are you going. Khurana says I will show Raghav, I can kill and die for my baby, I can’t see my baby going away, I will kill Raghav. She begs him not to go. He leaves. She smiles making plans. Sudha says Harjeet said Raghav kidnapped the baby. Naina asks what, this is a lie. Sudha says I m worried for baby, Khurana and Raghav will fight. Naina worries. Dadi calms down Naina and says I know Raghav will take baby to farmhouse, Naina take rest, I will just come. Naina apologizes to Sudha and says I should also go there. Sudha smiles. Doctor asks Naina to take rest, else he will not be responsible for her life. Naina says I can’t let anyone else decide for my fate.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina asks inspector about Raghav. Inspector says the car met with a bad accident, don’t hope that he is alive.

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