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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with inspector saying we have come to arrest Armaan Khurana for hit and run case, Naina gave statement against him. Sudha says Naina works in Raghav’s office. Armaan defends himself. Ira asks why did Naina come back. Naina says I m doing right, Raghav has hidden the culprit for family sake once again. Raghav says I asked you to stay away. Naina says you forgot truth comes out some day, you have hidden truth. She taunts him. Ira asks why did you come back to spoil my life. Naina says I m not interested, I m just doing right. Pam and Sudha scold her for breaking Raghav’s heart and ruining their happiness.

Naina says I m not related to you all, think well before saying anything. Armaan gets arrested. Ira asks Raghav to do something and save Armaan. Raghav thinks how to stop, you don’t know Armaan is a cheap man. Pam apologizes and asks him to do something for Ira. Ira begs to Raghav.

Raghav says I heard right about you, you saved your name and got me caught by using employee, you did not tolerate that Ira is marrying a rich man. Ira asks what, did you do this for such reason. Armaan is taken away. Ira cries.

Raghav stops Naina. They both argue. He asks her to be in limits, you did not listen when I asked you to stay away from my family. She says people may agree to you, but I m not such, you maybe rich, but you will be always smaller than law, I will fight for Zeenu’s justice, I will always fight, you like to cover up truth always, I will not tolerate this, you want to make Ira such a guy, seriously, you are blind, you don’t have a conscience. He says shut up, you have no right to say.

She says I know right and wrong. He asks really, did you not know right and wrong when you got someone’s child despite being married, I will not become donkey again, no need to come office from tomorrow, you are fired, just get out. He goes to jail to meet Armaan. He asks him to say why did he call him. Armaan says talk well, what will people say you are insulting would be son in law. He blackmails Raghav and asks him to get him out. Raghav asks him to say please. Armaan refuses to request.

Raghav asks did you get internet in jail. Armaan asks if I don’t get out of jail, see how the MMS gets viral. Raghav says you are blackmailing me. Armaan says yes, you can’t do anything, it will be better if you save time and get me out.

Naina takes Zeenu home and asks her to act in front of Dilraj. Dilraj cooks food. Naina says Zeenu is hurt, she will stay here for some day. Dilraj asks Naina to be quiet, I went jail by trusting you, what an innocent face, you can’t fool me, take your friend, this is my house, not dharamshala. Naina asks her to see Zeenu, she has much pain, she has no place to live, its matter of few days, once she gets fine, I will kick her out. Dilraj asks what will she eat. Naina says I promise I will pay extra money. Dilraj says think well, she will eat 6 eggs. Zeenu says I will not stay as burden, I m hurt so I came.

She asks Dilraj to think. Dilraj agrees and asks Zeenu to follow her rules. Naina says I will explain her. Naina hugs Zeenu. Zeenu thanks her and says I met with an accident and my parents are not in city. Naina says don’t thank me, I m glad you will get justice tomorrow, once reporter gives statement, Armaan will be behind bars. Pam apologizes to Sudha. Sudha asks her to apologize well, I will not convince Raghav. Pam says please Sudha, you help me. She praises Sudha. Sudha teases her. Raghav hears them and gets irritated.

Sudha says I was scolding Pam, she was always ill mannered, now she got senses, she wants to apologize. Pam apologizes to Raghav. Raghav says if you thought about Armaan, this day would have not come. Pam asks why, what did Armaan do. He says I wish to throw you out of house, I don’t get fun seeing your games, be at my service in fear to lose this house. Pam and Sudha worry. Pam says sorry Raghav. He goes. Sudha scolds Pam and goes.

Raghav asks Ira to trust him, Armaan is not good for you. Ira says Armaan told me you will try to separate us, you are drunk, this thing was left, you are getting hatred fulfilled, my mom and dad treated you bad so you are taking revenge, you made me away from Armaan, you used Naina for this, she works in your office, is she still pregnant, did she abort the child, did you get her back in your life. He shouts Ira and raises hand. She says enough of your drama, I m not like others to impress you, I love Armaan, I m not like Naina who loves and leaves when times comes.

Its morning, Naina asks reporter not to be nervous, just tell inspector what happened. Inspector asks Naina to give more details. Reporter says I told you whatever I knew. Raghav comes there with lawyer and says you forgot to say one thing. Naina gets angry seeing Raghav.

Raghav says you forgot to say that you can’t see anything well at night. Naina asks what do you mean. Raghav says this is Dr. Yadav, he is eye specialist, Mr. Akshay would be knowing this, the case will turn round now. Naina says Raghav wants to get eye checkup camp for police team. He is wasting our time. Raghav taunts on her foolishness. She asks him to be in limits. They argue. He says Dr. Yadav treats Akshay since 10 years, he is suffering from night blindness. Raghav gives the reports. Inspector says Naina, Akshay’s statement will be invalid now. Raghav says Naina trusted wrong man again, who cheated her in last minute. He asks inspector to release Armaan. Naina thinks I will not let Raghav win, as he is wrong.


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