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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Khurana justifying his decision to his board members. He says our customers have to trust us, I want to end these rumors, my married life has no problems, there is no tension between me and my wife, we will work here as one team, I want to give one percent share extra to Naina, it means she will have 26 % shares, she will have more shares than me and my mom, so Naina is the new director of the board. He welcomes Naina. Everyone clap.

Khurana and Naina come home. He asks her to give her recommendations and ideas. He sees her upset and tests if she is listening to him. He asks why is she sad, she is not happy. She says its happening suddenly. Dadi asks what is happening suddenly. He asks her to ask Naina. He goes to see Ahana. Dadi asks what happened, is everything fine. Naina says Khurana will feel I m sad, he took me to company board meeting, I have become third board director, I have more shares. Dadi says congrats, why did he do this. Naina says he did this for his image, he can do anything for making his image better. Dadi says great, we will plan to sink his money and ruin his business, I have a plan, we will celebrate.

Biji is with Harjeet. Harjeet thanks her for praying. Biji says you thought I m praying for you, I was recalling locker code. Harjeet asks are you crazy, do you want me to die by heartattack. Biji says I will just see combination and come. Harjeet says she is disgusting, how much will Lord test me. Dadi comes and says its just the beginning. Harjeet offers help.

Dadi says I came here to see treatment charges, money will go from Naina’s account. Harjeet asks why. Dadi gives her champagne and gives good news, Khurana made Naina board of directors member. Harjeet coughs. Dadi says Naina has more shares than you, Khurana did this, think Naina will be owner of Khurana empire, I have to prepare for dinner. She goes. Harjeet gets angry.

Naina sees Khurana talking to baby. Khurana says Dadi called me stone hearted father, as I made Naina away, I had no way that time, I know people call me arrogant man, I admit I m such, everyone don’t get chance to live with ethics, to play fair, I know people will say I made Naina the company’s board director to save reputation, I m not doing this for that, I did this for you, so that Naina feels she is part of this family, Ahaan I wish you know one day, what all I did to hug you once, I have lost a lot, I wish you could know this one day. He cries and says you are most imp to me in this world. Naina smiles. Khurana says I will do anything for your happiness, if people call me selfish, its fine, I m selfish, I love you Ahaan.

Dadi calls everyone for dinner. Naina comes to Dadi and asks are we doing right, I just heard Khurana talking to baby, I should just hate him, but I feel bad for him, he made me board member to give security to baby, I saw him in pain for the first time, I saw humanity in him, he loves baby as I do, how can I do bad with him, can we take baby and leave, I don’t want to stay here. Dadi says I understand bad happens with good people, as they always find good in bad people, if bad is happening with Khurana, because he did wrong with you, if he really loved baby, would he leave baby to cry and send you to ashram, he did not think of Raghav when he shoot at his car. Naina recalls Raghav.

Dadi says he did wrong with Raghav, we have to do this for Raghav and baby, Khurana is wrong. Naina wipes her tears and thanks her for showing right path. She says I m ready for this war. Nurse asks Harjeet to relax, her bp is high, anger is not good. Harjeet argues. Dadi gives the medicine to Naina and says add this in Khurana’s food, then see how restless he gets. Naina adds much and says its fine, if Khurana gets food poisoning, it will be fun. Nurse hears them. Dadi raises a toast. Khurana wishes all the best to Naina. They all drink. Dadi asks Khurana to have food. Harjeet stops Khurana. She says Naina made this food with love, but she added poison in it also. Khurana gets shocked.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Harjeet asks Naina to have food, if I m wrong, I will apologize to Naina. She passes the plate to Naina.