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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Naina coming home. Zeenu says I was so hungry, you came late. Zeenu laughs seeing Naina’s dress and asks Dilraj to see. Dilraj says you went Zeenu’s kurti in hurry, I have dried papad, you stand on terrace like scarecrow. Zeenu laughs. Naina asks is your joke over, I m going to sleep. Dilraj asks who will eat roti. Naina says no, I will sleep on time, save money and stay fit, I will go to do exercise everyday. She goes.

Its morning, Raghav jogs in the park. He recalls Armaan’s words and worries. He calls Armaan. Veer sees the incoming call and says not so soon buddy. He says waiting makes a person helpless, see Raghav is waiting to talk to you, let him stay in pain. Raghav thinks Armaan is playing power game with me, its fine, he thinks I m dying to talk to him, its matter of some days, once I get that MMS, then see. Naina comes there. She likes the park and sees people exercising. She hears the girls talking, about walking and losing weight. Naina follows them and says Raghav is behaving as if I got fat, I will show him by losing weight. Parth is also there and sees Naina. He stops her. She greets him and says I did not know you come here to walk. He says I come here to get saved from my mum’s lecture, she always tells same thing, she asks me to marry, I got allergic to food now, I come here to have coconut water. She says I came here to exercise, I will do my race walking, I will explain later. He wishes her all the best. She stops seeing Raghav.

Raghav says its your habit to fail. She asks are you talking to me. She says yes. He says once you start talking, you don’t stop. She asks shall I go if your taunting is over. He says you took my comment seriously, that you are fat. She says I m pregnant and exercise is necessary, I m doing this for baby. He says whatever, your legs too slim. She says you can’t see my legs. He says relax, I m comparing you with that woman. She asks are you not ashamed to see stranger’s legs. He argues and says I m free bird, and can fly anywhere. She asks him to fly back to Austria. He says you will always stay fat. He asks seriously, are you saying this to a pregnant lady. He says I m saying this to that pregnant lady, who married me and had child with someone else, you can’t do this. She says I will show what I can do.

Armaan says Raghav did not call me, my plan will fail. Veer says trust me, he will call. Raghav calls Armaan. Raghav says Armaan, you know I don’t like waiting, why are you not answering. Naina walks after Raghav. Armaan asks him to call him on lunch. Raghav scolds Armaan and asks where is that proof. Naina hears Raghav and tries to hear. Raghav says I got you out of jail, give that proof to me soon. Naina says what proof does Raghav want desperately, does he want to erase accident proof, I have to get after Raghav like shadow.

Armaan says I m impressed by you, but I should be alert, I did not see such a shameless man, I thought you are Ira’s brother and love her, even knowing that I have her videos and pics, you have shaken hands with me. Veer says whatever you did proves you are a cheap man, if she agreed to me, I would have asked her to leave you, Raghav is an emotional fool, he can do anything for Ira and her respect, it means Dadi and family’s respect, I have shaken hands knowing we will win, you can make Raghav do anything.

Naina asks Raghav to give some tips. He asks her to work more and talk less. She goes after him and says I m thinking about my work, shall I postpone your meeting, I think you will get busy today, I m trying to become proactive. He asks her to stop nonsense and move off his way. He goes. She says he is so rude and goes after him.

Raghav and Naina fall down. He gets hurt. She says sorry and gets up. His bluetooth falls. He says you fell on me like a roadroller and made me flat. She says sorry, come. He says I can get up on own. She gives him the bluetooth. She helps him. Kal ho na ho….plays………. She holdds him and makes him stand. She says it happened because of me, sorry. He says your sorry won’t end mistakes. She says I will make everything fine, I will call your driver. He says driver did not come, how will I drive. She says I know driving, you have no option. He gives her car keys. Naina and Raghav sit in car. She drives. She says open your eyes, we reached. She holds him. He asks her to get lost. She says Naina, thanks for dropping me phone, I m very grateful…. normal people talk this way, maybe none taught you in childhood. She sees Armaan and thinks he has proof and came to meet Raghav.

Raghav asks her is she dreaming on road, give me car keys and go. She says I was thinking how will you go home, I will drop you till home. He says you are not my wife or mom, I m not a fool, go from here, before I call watchman. She gives him keys. He goes. She thinks I have many ways to enter your house.

Pam and Ira are glad seeing Armaan. Pam feeds him sandwich. She apologizes for what Naina and Raghav did. Pam says I wish to kill Raghav and Naina. Raghav comes home and sees them. Pam gets shocked seeing Raghav and acts sweet. Raghav feeds breakfast to Balraj and asks him to pay the food bill. Raghav asks Ira to excuse them. Ira says talk in front of me. Armaan shows the pendrive to Raghav.

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