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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th February 2017 Written Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th February 2017 Written Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th February 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Raghav and Veer fighting. Balraj stops them. Raghav asks Balraj why did he cheat him. He says I worked hard and always served you, why did I make you insecure, this nobody had nothing and just had a life to live, I wanted to do something by my own patent, you snatched that. Balraj and Madan scold him. Balraj says you made that invention by using our resources, so its our invention. Veer says you are still a nobody, stop flying you servant, you will never make it. Raghav goes to beat Veer. Balraj pushes him. Raghav raises hand on Balraj and stops. Balraj and Madan beat up Raghav and even kick him. Raghav’s watch given by Dada ji falls down. Madan pushes him towards the pillar. Raghav gets hit and falls down. Balraj takes his head on his shoe and says you think we can’t kill you, your biggest shield Dadi is in coma. Naina comes there and sees Raghav lying on the floor. She holds Raghav and asks him to get up.

Balraj says if you misbehave with us or raise hand on Veer, I will send you to jail, this is my last warning to you. They go. Naina takes Raghav with him. She picks the watch. They come to outhouse. She makes him sit and gets first aid kit. She does his aid. Mangalam…..plays…………..Raghav looks at Naina and cries. She comforts his pain. He says I should return from where I came, I can’t become anything. She says we will succeed Raghav. She wipes his tears. He rests in her lap. She cries. She covers him up. They sleep.

Its morning, Naina thinks how to arrange money, we don’t have savings, I can’t make Raghav lose so easily, I m his wife, I have to encourage him, I remember the surrogacy ad number, I should call on that. She says I will give sacrifice for Raghav’s success, Raghav deserves to win. She goes to meet that lady and says I m ready to become surrogate mother, to give my womb on rent. Ahana says I know Naina. Naina says I did not tell my name on call. Ahana says I knew its you. She turns. Naina gets shocked seeing her.

Ahana says its good you came here, I m glad. Naina says you ….. Ahana says relax, please come. She gives water to Naina and asks her not to worry. She says this is truth of my life, we have everything, me and my husband are from rich business family, we don’t have our child, I can get pregnant, but not keep the baby in my womb, so being helpless, we are finding a surrogate.

Ahana asks are you confused, do you have any desire which did not get fulfilled, its my state, I can’t become mum, but I found a hope to have my baby in other’s womb, I want medical science and a good lady’s blessing so that my incomplete life gets fulfilled. Naina says you are not incomplete, but your dream is left incomplete. Ahana says becoming a mother is not a dream, but my wish. Naina says if you needed surrogate, why did you not tell me, why did you hide it, you didn’t want to expose you and see my helplessness. Ahana says don’t misunderstand me, I m helpless, I m not asking for any kerchief, I m asking a woman’s womb for nine months, is this a small thing, who will trust me, who will do such big sacrifice for a stranger.

Khurana comes to Mehra house. Veer greets him and says I came to your office with mop idea. Khurana asks does Raghav stay here. Veer thinks why did Khurana come here, did Raghav make new invention to sell him. Khurana says I can see you are useless, forget it, I will find him. Veer says he stays there, tell me what’s the work. I m his brother. Khurana asks really, then come, he took my loan. Veer says no, he is like my brother, Dada ji adopted him and did favor, you go to him. Khurana says you changed so quick, I like you, you are very mean, you will go ahead, but not more than me. He goes to meet Raghav.

Raghav asks why did you come here. Khurana jokes and says don’t even dream that I will apologize. Raghav also jokes. Khurana sits and says I came here to meet your wife, not you, she has scolded me a lot, I came to return that, your wife’s ego and attitude is bigger than your house, does she fit here. Raghav says you don’t worry, I will see that, its good someone showed you your reality.

Ahana says its not easy, we have big business, if this news leak and gets printed in paper, it will be big issue, people will blackmail me, they will say bad about my baby, no I can’t let this happen, you would be thinking why did I not trust you before, trust happens gradually, I booked this room on someone else’s name, like I told you trust is not easy, when I met you, I realized you are the answer of my questions, the way you were fighting for your husband, you reminded me of myself, I also respect my husband, I felt its just you who will help me by heart, not just for money. The lady comes and says I got a good candidate. Ahana says me too….

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Ahana asks Naina will family agree to this, will they support you. Raghav says Naina always supported me, I did not see such ethical and courageous girl till now, I completely trust her.

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