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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Khurana coming to room in drunken state. He sees Naina sleeping. He calls her out. He sees her feet and says you said right, you have tolerated much pain, I will make it up for you. He applies the ointment to her feet. He says I don’t know apologizing, my way is different, I made you board member, see I m not that bad, I think I need another drink. He goes. Naina wakes up and sees ointment on her feet. She says what’s all this. She wipes the ointment and says I have to be careful of this man, next time, before he touches me, I will not let this happen, I did not know anyone can do such a thing in this house.

Its morning, Khurana gets headache. Naina gives ointment and asks is this yours. He says yes, I was feeling guilty, mum spoiled everything, I was shocked seeing your wounds, don’t feel anything wrong, trust me. She says its okay, I m not asking for any explanation, I understand. He says thank God. She says I wanted to say, a stranger’s touch, you know… He says this won’t happen again. He goes. Naina tells Dadi that she acted helpless and made Rehaan feel guilty, he will not dare to come close to me. Dadi says I scolded him, sorry I did not know he will do this. She says we should be ready to face such situation, they can do anything, we have to be alert, I want to end this story some way. They see the nurse.

Harjeet says just you could do work for me. She gives her money. She says Naina and Dadi are clever. Nurse asks her not to worry. Harjeet says I just trust him, he can make me out of this mess. Nurse says he will come here at night, Naina is not an owl to be awake all night. Harjeet says yes. Naina hears them and says whom are they bringing home.

Khurana says I wanted to do good, what’s the use to feel guilty, I will not drink for a month, I have to make Naina feel safe and secure, not scare her, I will not drink tonight. Naina asks Dadi what will we do now, Harjeet did not take anyone’s help. Dadi says who can it be. Naina says she can do anything to hurt us. Harjeet thanks the nurse. They drink. Harjeet says Naina has great kundli, she got saved from bomb blast, now time is ours, we will make them lose by our mind, we fooled Naina and Dadi, we have to expose Naina in front of Rehaan. Nurse says this toy has spy cam, you can see the recording on phone, you can keep an eye on Naina by this. Harjeet says you are so smart, I wish to give you some gift. She gives her diamond ring to nurse and thanks her.

She says now we will keep an eye on Naina and Dadi by these toys, keep it in Ahaan’s nursery too. Nurse goes to keep the toy. Khurana stops her. She says I got this teddy. He says I did not buy this. She says I got this gift for Ahaan, give it to him. Khurana says you give it to him, tell me why did you come to my room. Nurse asks him to ask Harjeet, she knows everything. She falls down and says I got hurt. He helps her and gives ointment. He asks her to go. She pushes the toy. She asks him to help.

She holds Khurana and smiles. Khurana asks what are you doing, leave from here. She holds him and says I feel bad for you, such a handsome man, such a arrogant wife, you just touched her, don’t you have right, shall I help you, refusing me will be bad for you. He says stay in your limits, what are you doing. She shouts for help. He asks her to stop it. Naina and Dadi come there. Naina asks what’s happening. Nurse hugs Naina and says save me, he tried to rape me. Naina gets shocked.

Khurana says I did not do anything, she is blaming me, think if I can do this, she came in my room, she was misbehaving with me, when I scolded her, she trapped me. Harjeet thinks what to tell him now, I have sent her there. Naina says I have belief in you, you can’t play with a woman’s respect. He thanks her for understanding. Harjeet thinks he feels I don’t trust him. She says Khurana is my pride, I trust him a lot, I want to know how will you deal with that girl. Naina says I promise I will get Rehaan out of this problem. Harjeet thinks Naina wants to make me fall in my son’s eyes. Police comes there and says Khurana has to come with us to police station. Khurana says try to understand. Inspector asks him to cooperate. Khurana says mum, call lawyer and ask him to reach police station, nothing will happen to me, this blame is ake. Harjeet goes. Naina smiles.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Khurana asks nurse how will she prove this. She shows the video. Naina threatens Harjeet.