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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Armaan saying let Raghav say anything, it would be to discuss wedding. Ira asks him to come soon and goes. Armaan says Ira always does anything to please me, you stopped her dream to become internet sensation. Raghav reminds him that he is standing in his house, and feeds him to shut his mouth.

Naina goes to Pandey. She says I made this plan so that Raghav does not fire us, its for everyone’s good. Pandey says he will get angry, why will he ask us to work at his home. Naina praises Pandey. He says I know Raghav keeps an eye on us, if any work is not according to him, he creates a scene. She says yes, if anything wrong happens in big deal, it will be big loss, you will be responsible for this. He worries. She says if we go there, nothing can go wrong.

He agrees to her. She asks him to become proactive and sends him. She says Raghav stopped me from coming home, lets see how he stops us now.

Raghav asks Armaan to give pendrive to him, and not play kiddish games. Armaan says I m not a kid, else I would have not made Ira do that. Raghav says shut up, we had a deal, I got you out of jail, give the pendrive to me. Armaan says yes, but I had stayed there in jail, you have to pay for it. Raghav asks what do you want. Armaan says if you are Ira’s brother, your business’ half share, name it to me, think of it, Ira’s respect is in your hands, sign on this. Raghav scolds him.

He says you think you trapped Ira in love and won over me, you cheap people can never win. He says take this, I give you my half share in charity. He signs. Armaan says wow, I wish my brother was like you. Raghav taunts him for selling his private moments. Armaan asks him to stay in limits, this deal will be between us, none should know I m owner of your company’s 50% stake.

Sudha asks Pandey why did he come here. Pam says we don’t want insurance policy. Raghav hears them and comes there. Pandey and everyone enter the house. Naina hides her face behind file. Sudha and Pam taunt Naina. Naina says poverty got your true face out, this suits you more, I have to go and work.

Raghav asks Pandey did you not think to ask me before coming here. Sudha says Raghav gets one day to rest and you guys came. She taunts Naina. Raghav says how sweet, you all came here for me, this was not needed, set up in living room if you have come. Pam says servants have gone out. Raghav asks her to arrange tea and snacks. He asks Sudha to do work. Naina looks everywhere. She says I m just seeing where to sit and work. Raghav says I think this brilliant idea is yours. She says I m just following Pandey’s order, this is not my idea. He says if I did not get a golden chance to know you before, you would have fooled me by your innocent face, remember I will not leave you if you do anything.

Pandey comes to show the file. Raghav checks file and goes. Naina does work and silently goes. Ira asks what are you doing here, did you come back, did you come to ruin my happiness. Naina says I m not interested, I did not see such cheaper man than Armaan. Ira taunts her for eyeing Veer and Raghav. She says I love Armaan and he loves me, you can’t do anything. Armaan sees them. Ira asks Naina to stop eyeing Armaan and be away from them. She warns Naina and goes.

Naina sits to work. She sees Armaan hugging Ira. She thinks Armaan is very clever, I m sure he has some proof, so Raghav and he are talking, I may lose the chance. Pam and Sudha cook food and are troubled. Armaan shows the pendrive to Raghav and signs him to come. Naina looks on. Raghav gets up to leave. He asks Naina where is she going. She says washroom, it was a long day. He asks her to go washroom. They recall the old moment. He asks her not to be oversmart. She goes.

Raghav goes upstairs. She thinks how to get the proofs. She hears Sudha and Pam talking about making old food fresh. Sudha adds chilly in dish. Naina feels nausea by tadka and vomits over a painting. She says what did I do and cleans the painting. The color gets off. She gets worried. Pandey comes there and sees the painting color going off. He says you are gone now, go and tell Raghav. She thinks she got a good chance, she can get the proof. She starts acting and cries.

Pandey asks the employees to come fast and see what Naina did. Everyone go. Raghav gets the pendrive and says we both got what we wanted, now there won’t be any talk about this MMS. Pandey knocks door. Raghav opens door and asks what happened. Naina says that man died. Pandey says the man in painting. Raghav asks what. Naina sees Raghav holding the pendrive.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav says I m giving you one chance, return the USB, else I know how to get it. He holds Naina.

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