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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Harjeet crying and saying I m eager to take the baby in my hands. Khurana says baby needs Naina now, he is just crying, he gets silent in Naina’s lap. Harjeet says because he did not come to me, just get him to me once, see how he forgets Naina. Khurana says I will give you this gift today as its mothers day. She hugs him and asks will you fulfill my wish. He says yes. She says I don’t believe this, take me to that baby. She smiles.

Naina gets the gift from Raghav and says he loved me a lot. She opens the gift. She gets a small box and opens it. She hears Raghav and looks for him. He says mothers day is coming before baby’s birth, this is mother’s day gift for you, don’t shout on me, this is from baby’s side. She gets a plant. He asks her to take care of plant thinking of it as baby, I think you will get a son to protect you, he will be cute, fighter and honest like you, he will become my friend first and then my son, before you get annoyed, calm down, I got a gift for you, this is health kit, you will have to run and tone down. Naina cries.

Raghav says I m getting senti for baby. She opens the last gift and sees Bal gopal locket. He says baby will show Leela, we are lucky to get baby, I m lucky that you got him in my wife, happy mother’s day, next time we will together give you gift. She says you promised and broke promise, you left me. Dadi comes. Naina cries and hugs her. Dadi says I won’t cry and won’t let you cry, we cried a lot, now we have to make those people cry, who snatched our Raghav, I will not let his death go waste, the culprits have to answer me, till I get revenge, I will not do Raghav’s last rites, the day my revenge fulfills, I will cry for Raghav. She faints.

Naina calls doctor. Doctor checks Dadi and asks them to take care of Dadi, else she can go back in coma. Naina says no, nothing will happen to Dadi. Ira says Khuranas have come. Naina goes downstairs. Khurana says I have right on baby legally, so I came to take him. He gives her papers. Naina throws the papers. He says you got paid to keep baby in your womb for 9 months. She says inspector, he attacked me and shot at my husband’s car, Raghav met with an accident, why did you not arrest him. Khurana says I did that in defense and stop Raghav, who was kidnapping my baby.

Naina scolds him. Khurana asks what would I do, would I let Raghav go. Inspector says we have CCTV footage, we know Raghav kidnapped Khurana’s baby, we have Dna report, its Khurana’s baby, madam you have no choice and have to give baby to him. She says Raghav trusted you, you killed him, now you are fooling laws to snatch my baby. Khurana says I m explaining you for the last time, you have no right on my baby, your work was to become surrogate and then handover baby to parents, your job is over, now your duty is to give him to his dad, he is my son, if you love him, its your problem.

Naina asks him to stay away. Harjeet says Naina we explained you to accept new life, tell truth to Raghav, you did not agree to me, see what happened. Khurana says she does not listen to anyone. They snatch the baby from Naina. Naina says please leave me, the baby can’t live without me. He gives baby to Harjeet. Naina says Lord will never forgive you. He shouts on her and says even Raghav wanted to separate me from baby. Naina says baby can’t live without me. Khurana asks her not to touch baby. Baby cries. Khurana asks Naina to feed baby, then he will go home with me. Naina feeds baby. Harjeet comes there and asks can there be happiness for a mum than feeding baby, now this happiness will be snatched, this baby does not need you, you have no right on baby. Naina asks do you think luxuries will matter than mum’s love, you are doing wrong. Harjeet says you are just surrogate, nothing more than that. She insults Naina.

She says you faced many problems for this baby, you lost Raghav forever this time, maybe Lord is trying to say this, better stay away from this baby, you have to live your life, live your life.

Naina comes to Khurana and says you think this baby can live without me, you are saying he is your son, he cried coming in your hands, you don’t know calming baby, you shot at the car in which your child was present, you are not ready to become father, did you think how will baby live without me. He says no, there is no problem, he is attached to you, give him to me. Harjeet says enough Naina, you are not the child’s mum, Khurana is the father, why are you claiming rights, answer me, what will people say. Naina says I will come along Khurana if he wants to take baby, if you think what will society think, I have a solution, I will come as Naina Rehaan Khurana, not Naina Mehra. Khurana and everyone get shocked.


Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi says remember your motive, revenge of Raghav’s death. Dadi makes Naina ready as bride. Naina and Khurana get married. Dadi claps.

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