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Pehredaar Piya Ki 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya tells CT that Ratan has called her to meet at a hotel, if she can go. CT comments even a fool with crown can rule and says she is thakurayan and has right to do anything. Diya goes to hotel to meet Ratan. Priya sees her and asks if she is going to meet Daata Hukum, he has arranged her a surprise so well. Diya says Ratan is feeling alone, so he called her. Priya says she has her husband with her, so she is not alone, gives her example and says thakurani has Ratan with her. Diya leaves.

Bhuvan yells at Priya that she is supporting one who considered them culprits. Priya says if he is not culprit, then why he is worried. He shouts if she means he attacked daata hukum. Priya says she did not say that. Bhuvan shouts not to forget he is her sasur. Priya comments world’s rule is fake currency does not have a value. Bhuvan gets very angry and taunts she is also a fake currency, else her husband would not have left her alone. CT enters and comments first think and speak and speak sweet, she needs family most at this time. Priya goes to her room. Bhuvan scolds CT that she gave lenience to Priya even after his warning, she should not have sent her out of house. CT says Priya will not confront him again and she will speak to her, asks him tto sit, she will get him badam milk.

Diya enters hotel and sees folk dancers dancing around her. Ratan makes her sit on a dining chair and sits next to her. Flowers shower on Diya and she gets very happy. Waiter brings special cake. Diya asks what is all this. Ratan says it is all for her. She cuts cake and eats. Ratan asks to feed even him. Diya asks if this was his surprise. Ratan asks if she likes adventure like Disneyland, wonderland, Barcelona. She says she likes Switzerland and says it is her favorite dream destination. Ratan thinks it is wise to go to her favorite destination as Mohak told, else he will be in trouble. He says it is final then, they are going to Switzerland for honeymoon. Diya is surprised. Ratan says Mohak jiju told newly married couple go to honeymoon and then become bestfriends for life.

CT reminisces Bhuvan’s words while preparing garland and needle pierces her finger. Shivani rushes to her seeing it. CT says needle or tongue, wrong moves pierce heart. Shivani says even she is doing same, why she is punishing Ratan, she should forget old words and not let Diya between her and Ratan. CT says daata hukum Maan proved that he did not trust her and brought pehredar for her, she does not have any motherly love for Ratan.

Diya tells Ratan that they cannot go to honeymoon. He says they can. She gets Sajjan’s call that he reached home safely and reminds her to keep her eyes and ears open. Ratan informs family that he and Diya are going to Switzerland for honeymoon. Mohaak reminisces brainwashing Ratan and smirks. Yash asks for how many days. Ratan says 15 days and tells Sakshi that Diya loves Switzerland and he loves London, but settled for Switzerland. Priya takes Ratan and Yash inside. Sakshi taunts Diya followed by Bua. CT yells at Diya that they have respect here, diya is trying to ruin it, don’t know what Maan saw in her and gave Ratan’s responsibility to her. Diya asks to give her a chance to speak. CT leaves followed by others.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivani drags Diya and pushes her out of house. Whole family watches.

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