Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya helps Ratan fix his bow’s thread and returns it saying now it will not break. Maan targets revovlinng balloons and shoots them. Everyone clap for him. Ratan happily jumps. Divya then runs and slips under her heavy lehanga and says it is so heavy, why did didi prepared it for her, she is beautiful anyways. She calls someone passing by, but they don’t stop. Ratan comes and asks if she needs anything. She says he cannot come here, it is woman’s room. He says he will go then. She says he can stay. He says she is very beautiful. She tries to fix her anklet. He coughs. She says he is eating too much ice cream. He says he is fine and she did not praise him yet. She says he is looking very handsome and asks her to hold her lehanga while she fixes her anklet. He does. They both walk. He says he is god’s gift and everyone’s dear one.

On the other side, Sajjan asks Maan if Ratan’s life is really at risk. Maan says yes and his aunt choti thakurayan wants to kill him. Sajjan says how can it be, she is the one who was most happy and dancing when Ratan was born. Sajjan says everything was fine until Ratan was born as god’s gift, he is single legal heir of property, so family hates him and someone among family wants to kill Ratan. Sajjan says if he needs help regarding this, he can seek anytime.

Ratan continues telling Diya that his whole family loves him and takes each one’s name. She continues walking. He asks if she does not want to listen. She laughs and apologizes. He continues taking each family member’s name and says his kaaki maa is his favorite and she feeds him and tells stories, especially angel’s story. He continues and asks why she is standing instead of walking. She laughs again.

Diya’s bhabhi asks servants to arrange flowers away from fire and throw them when god’s idol comes in front and Diya dorns feather in god’s idol. Diya starts dancing with others beautifully. Ratan watches her dumbstuck. Another prince Abhay sees Diya and gets mesmerized with her beauty and dance. His father fixes his marriage with Diya. Sajjan agrees. Abhay’s father says engagement will be tomorrow. Maan says they need some time for arrangements. Sajjan says Maan is Diya’s godfather. Diya continues dancing and she pulls god’s idol to fix feather. Ratan is seen siting next to god and engrasped looking at her. She fixes feather in his pagdi.

Diya’s sister informs she has a good news. Diya happily hugs her and asks if she is becoming aunt. Sister says Diya is becoming bride soon and her princess is standing in white sherwani and red pagdi. Diya sees Ratan and laughs. Abhay comes and introduces himself. Sister says he is the one. Diya gets nervous. Sister says she will leave them alone. Diya says no. Sister says she heard he is going to London and should return soon as many princes are waiting to marry Diya. Diya says already Ratan is waiting for her. Abhay laughs. Diya says Ratan has gone to bring her jalebis and if he can take it from Ratan, he will win. Abhay goes to Ratan and asks him and says he will get him choc. Ratan says he does not need. Abhay says green jalebis are queen jalebis and he should give his pink ones and get green ones for Diya. Ratan says king is the one who takes care of people’s small needs, Diya loves pink ones, so queen green ones does not matter. He goes to Diya and gives her jalebis and walks away. Abhay says Ratan is really unique, but what will he do after Diya’s engagement tomorrow.

Sajjan tells Maan that Diya’s engagement is in a temple tomorrow. Padma cleans Ratan’s pagdi and finds sindoor box in his pocket. Maan sees that and asks why he needs that. Ratan says it is for Diya. Maan angrily asks to give it. Ratan runs away. Maan says let him go, once he gets busy in games, he will forget it. Other boys says Ratan let us throw color water balloon on Diya. Ratan warns them they should not. Boys run. He runs behind them and slips and hangs to fort’s walls and calls his parents to save him. Padma hears him and panics. Ratan’s mother and others hold her. Balloon falls on electric wire and it breaks and flies near Ratan. Padma gets more worried.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sajjan sends Ratan in Diya and her mother’s car and asks them to take care of him. His car blasts and he shouts Padma. Door hits him and he injures severely. On hospital bed, he tells Sajjan that it was an attack on Ratan and there is only one way now. Diya is seen in a shock.


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