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Pehredaar Piya Ki 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya panics seeing chandelier shaking and runs to save herself. She sees maid and asks her to move aside, chandelier is falling. Maid says it wont. Ratan laughs and says it works on remote. Maid says Daata Hukum played prank. She introduces herself as Ratan’s caretaker and came to get her ready for muh dikhayi. Ratan asks her to go. He takes Diya to his room and says he wants to gift her something. He looks at cupboard and gets reminisces incident of his parent’s death. He asks her if she will not leave him like his parents. She says no and gives him parents’ photo.

Sakshi and Shivani plan to trouble Diya Thakurani during muh dikhayi. Sakshi’s husband enters and asks what are both sister doing together. Shivani lies that they were thinking of what gift to give thakurani. Sakshi asks what. Shivani signals yes and leaves. Husband says Sakshi that she is looking beautiful. She asks him to make sure Sajjjan does not attend Diya’s muh dikhayi. He does to Bhuvan and asks to not let Sajjan attend muh dikhayi. Bhuvan assures him that he will not.

Diya gets ready for muh dikhayi and walks with maid. Ratan stops her and says he wants to see his angel first. Maid says he cannot break ritual. Diya stops her and opens her veil. Ratan asks her to bend and seeing her forehead empty fixes bindi on her forehead. Serial’s title song…continues. They both walk down and take seat. Diya looks at door eagerly for Sajjan. Ratan sees food and asks Diya if she is hungry. She says no, she is waiting for babasa. Function starts. Bua addresses guests and says as per rituals thakurani’s nanads will taunt her.

Sajjan gets ready hurriedly and over phone informs his wife that he is attending Diya’s muh dikhayi rituals. He opens door and sees Bhuvan standing. Bhuvan enters and says he is owner of this hotel and can enter anywhere, asks if he is going somewhere. Sajjan says he is going to attend Diya’s muh dikhayi rituals. Bhuvan says what will he do in women’s function, let us have food and calls maids who bring food. Sajjan says he is not hungry. Bhuvan says he will not leave guest without feeding food, after all he is Maan Singh’s best friend.

Sakhsi disguises as Diya and Shivani as Ratan and they both dance and taunt Diya and Ratan. Shivani acts as a child and plays with toys. Ratan enjoys kulfi and toys and goes to his room. Diya feels embarrassed and cries. Payal sees her and feels bad. Ratan returns dancing sings holding Diya’s hand sings that he will support her whole life and take care of her no matter if whole world taunt them. Everyone clap for them while CT fumes.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : CT gives London ticket to Diya. Diya sees only her ticket and asks why.

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