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Pehredaar Piya Ki 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pehredaar Piya Ki 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya throws the keys away when its put on her waist as it was too hot. Choti Thakrayan says she understands that Diya might not be ready to take this responsibility. She still has time. After 12 days, she will do grah pravesh (enter) in her in-laws house and she will wait for it. Choti Thakrayan keeps the keys in front of Padma’s photo and leaves.

Later, Diya is standing alone. Her mum comes to her and Diya cries hugging her. She asks why she threw the keys. Diya says sorry to her and then shows wound on her waist. Her mum and sister are shocked to find out that keys were hot. Her mum hugs her and tells Diya’s sister to bring haldi. Diya’s mum tells her that she warned her not to marry by getting emotional. If they are doing all this in front of her family, then what they will do when she will be at her in-laws house. Diya asks where Ratan is. Her mum says he got fever. Diya rushes to him. She tells him that she won’t let anything happen to him. Ratan keeps saying Kaki Masa. Diya says medicine doctor gave has magic in it, he will be fine soon. Diya and other ladies put wet clothes on Ratan’s head, applies something on his feet, etc.. but he keeps saying Kaki Masa.

Maan’s family is leaving. One family member asks how they can leave when Ratan is so sick. Maan’s brother says Sajjan and his family are there.. they will take care of him.

Diya asks Ratan what he wants.. how she can help, but he keeps calling for Kaki Masa. Diya recalls Ratan telling her that he loves Kaki Masa the most in his family.

Choti Thakrayan hears Ratan calling for her and she goes to see him. Meanwhile, Diya tells him stories. Choti Thakrayan recalls flashback Ratan asking her for a princess like wife and Choti Thakrayan telling him when wife comes, then a son forgets his mother. Ratan tells her that he will never forget her. Ratan asks her to promise him as well that she won’t forget him. Both hug. Flashback ends.

Ratan keeps saying Kaki Masa. Diya is not sure what to do. She sees Choti Thakrayan leaving and runs to her and falls in her feet. Choti Thakrayan recalls Diya had picked up call when Maan was in hospital. Choti Thakrayan asks why she stopped her. Diya says Ratan is very sick and taking her name and asks her to see him. Choti Thakrayan tells Diya that she is there, so what’s need for her? Diya means all to Ratan now. Diya says but Ratan needs her, she will never be able to take place of his Kaki Masa. Diya requests by folding her hands. Choti Thakrayan finally goes to Ratan and puts her hand on his head. Ratan feels her touch. The maid says it seems he is not able to sleep, maybe Choti Thakrayan should tell him a story. Choti Thakrayan tells a story to Ratan and he falls asleep. The story was about princess doesn’t exist in reality. Diya says thank you to Choti Thakrayan saying her all ways failed. Choti Thakrayan says Ratan doesn’t know that princesses are in stories only. She picks up a fairytale book and continues that a princess is just an illusion, in reality there are none. She tears the book. Greets Diya as Thakrani and then leaves. Diya looks at the torn book and is stunned. Her mum comes there and Diya hugs her.

Maan’s family leaves Sajjan House. In car, Ratan’s aunt asks Choti Thakrayan after what she’s done, will Diya have courage to come to her sasural? She’s 18 years old. How she will manage the house and Ratan. Choti Thakrayan says she talked to a priest and after 12 days is the time for her grah pravesh. As Maan wished, there should be nothing missing in welcoming their daughter-in-law. Ratan’s aunt says all arrangements will be done, but will Diya even come? And Ratan won’t be able to live there either as he is not used to live without his Kaki Masa. She says let’s see what Sajjan does now.

Diya is sleeping besides her mum. Sajjan comes and asks her to wake Diya up. She says Diya just slept. Her mum says she is just 18 years old and look what she’s going through. She asks him to think again. What they will do in that house when they did all this in front of Diya’s family. She will never send her in that hell where even Ratan is not protected. He did what he wanted to do by getting her married, now she won’t listen to him. Sajjan says what she thinks that he doesn’t have a heart? He doesn’t see what’s going on? But there are some riti riwaz. She says to hell with all that. She doesn’t care. She refuses to send Diya to her sasural.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Diya’s dolly comes to Ratan’s house.