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Pehredaar Piya Ki 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pehredaar Piya Ki 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

After 12 days, guards excitedly decorate haveli discussing new data hukum/Ratan and his wife/Diya are coming. Choti thakurayan does god’s aarti. Chote Thakur yells what happened to her, why she wants to greet Sajjan Singh’s daughter in this haveli. He continues that she took care of Ratan as a mother, but Daata hukum doubted her and alleged her for trying to kill Ratan, police report proved that car blasted due to petrol tank leakage. His family starts brainwashing him that they doubt Sajjan planned to take over wealth and got his daughter married to Ratan. Another relative starts brainwashing choti thakurayan that Daata hukum did wrong by imposing Diya over her as thakurayan even though she took care of Ratan as a mother.

Ratan dorns bridal veil on Diya and asks her to gt ready to walk with him to his haveli Kesar Mahal. He mimics how his family members will greet her with aarti and remembers each family member. He says he is missing his parents, but is missing kaaki saa’s love more, Kaaki saa has sent her beautiful palanquin and she should get ready soon. Diya reminisces choti thakurayan keeping hot key bunch on her waist and taunting, her mother’s concern for her seeing choti thakurayan’s misbehavior, choti thakurayan taunting she has to come to Kesar Mahal after 12 days.

Sakshi gets ready in a beautiful sari and suggests Priya to get ready soon to greet Daata hukum and thakuryan, describes how much she effort she added to get ready. Choti thakurayan scolds her that she lost her uncle and aunt and is getting ready. Bua comes and taunts that they will not come, choti thakurayan is unnecessarily making efforts.

Sajjan’s wife tells him that she will not let Diya go to Kesar Mahal seeing choti thakuryan’s misbehavior and torture. Sajjan says Diya is beendni of kesar Mahal and has to go there. She panics and tries to slit her hand. Sajjan stops her. Diya comes running and calms her down. Ratan comes and asks Diya why did not she pack her bags and got ready, they have to leave for kesar Mahal soon.

At Kesar Mahal, choti thakuryan gathers all guests to greet Ratan and Diya. Bua taunts they may not come. Sakshi says Shivani has gone for hunting and is not present. Palanquin comes. A boy checks in followed by bua who says Ratan and Diya are not in palanquin, Sajjan insulted them. Choti thakurayan apologizes guests and asks them to have food and go. Shivani comes on jeep after hunting. Bua says Sajjan insulted them and did not send Ratan and Diya. Shivani fumes how can they held Diya and Ratan, at least he cannot stop Ratan there, she will go and bring Ratan. Choti thakurayan stops her and sends her in. Cook asks her what to do with remaining food. She orders to distribute. Phone rings. Maid picks call and informs her it is call from Sajjan’s house and Ratan with Diya is coming at night.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ratan knocks choti thakurayan’s room door and requests to open door. She does not. He thinks she must be asleep. He keeps chocs in kalash and asks Diya to do graha pravesh. She says both bride and groom do grahapravesh together and walks in with him after hitting kalash.