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Pehredaar Piya Ki 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya’s muh dikhayi ritual continues. CT says all guests have gone, let family members do the ritual. She does ritual first followed by other members. Priya does ritual and introduces herself as CT’s bahu. Diya touches her feet. Bua comments Priya is elder to her, but thakurani cannot touch anyone’s feet. Diya sits amused. Sakshi says Priya is Raghu’s wife and Raghu has big business in London and stays out of house most of the time. Maid gives lots of gifts from Raghu. Priya gives a small gift from her side. Bua asks what is the need for that. Diya takes it. Priya then shows Yash and says he is her son. Yash says Ratan is his best friend. Diya says Yash is very cute. Yash says even she is very cute and tells Ratan that his choice is good.

Ratan says just like kaaki maasa wanted a princess for him. Bua introduces her self as Nitya bua and introduces her son Ayush and says Maan used to admire him a lot and he takes care of hotel business. Sakshi introduces herself and boasts about her fashion skills. She introduces her husband Kunwar Mohan Pratap Singh and says he is fabulous, he used to handle Maan’s all work and rest outsiders. Bua feels angry.

Bhuvan forces Sajjan to sit with him during lunch and says he is not eating at all. Sajjan gets call repeatedly and says he has to go, Diya’s muh dikhayi ritual has already started. Bhuvan says he cannot get up like this and forget manners. Sajjan continues getting calls. Bhuvan says let us have drinks now, will he have strong like me or light like him. He serves drinks. Sajjan says he does not need it. Bhuvan yells he needs whole palace and not just drinks. Sajjan angrily leaves. Bhuvan gulps drinks.

CT on the other side signals Shivani to come forward. Shivani introduces herself and gives gift, asks Diya to check it. Diya sees gun and drops it worried. Shivani says it is a special gift for her. Ratan says Shivani baisa is a sharp shooter and loves guns. Yash asks Ratan where is his gift. Ratan asks Diya to wait, he will get her best gift and runs. Bua says Ratan will take time to search his gift, Diya should go to her room and takes her along. Maan reaches. Diya asks where was he, she was worried about him. CT fumes seeing Sajjan and comments Diya that she needs her father’s helps for everything, it is obvious as she is still small. She gives her envelope and asks to check it.

Diya sees London tickets. CT says she should go to London and complete her studies and find a boy of her age and status. Diya says she cannot do that, though this marriage is illegal by law, she promised Babji Thakur/Maan that she will protect Ratan her whole life and will follow this relationship till her last breath. Priya looks happy seeing Diya confronting CT rightly. CT says she will repent this decision, Ratan is small and thinks her as a toy, once he finds toy, he will forget her. Ratan returns and showing sindhoor box says Daata Kukum/Maan told this is the best gift from husband to his wife. Diya and Sajjan get happy while CT fumes in anger. Ratan dorns sindhoor on her forehead. Serial’s title song Pehredaar Piya ki bani ji…Sajjan asks CT if she got her answer, Diya will stay here itself, she should bless them now. CT angrily blesses. Sajjan blesses Diya and Ratan.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhuvan asks Sajjan if he will not perform his daughter’s paghphera ritual. Sajjan says he will and take Diya and Ratan along. Bhuvan shouts he will not send his daata hukum Raan.

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