Pehredaar Piya Ki 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Choti Thakurayan (CT) prays god in home temple. Ratan happily comes running and hugs her from behind and says she must have missed him a lot, he came last night and knocked her door, but she must have slept and did not open her. She pushes him away. He hugs her again and asks to pamper him. She pushes him again and leaves. Ratan cries. Shivani feels bad for him.

Diya shows Ratan’s room to Sajjan. She reminisces family members insulting him and asks why did he come here, people here will insult him. He says he came here for Ratan and her safety. Ratan comes crying and says kaaki maasa is not talking to her and he knows she even misbehaved with Diya. Diya reminisces CT’s harsh words and insult. Sajjan consoles him. He smiles and asks Diya also not to cry. Sajjan says kaaki maasa is not angry on him, she is sad. Ratan says she is sad for babasa and maasa’s death. He tells him about Yash who is his nephew but of his same age and his best friend. He says he is second best frend now as Diya is his first best friend now, hugging Diya. Sajjan says best friend always has solution for their problem. Ratan says he talks lovely like his babasa and wants him to suggest good things in future. He runs to meet Yash. Diya says she cannot see his insult. Sajjan consoles her and tells his mom used to apply oil on her wound to protect it from dust and dirt, same thing with relationships, they have to protect them. He applies ghee on her hand and demonstrates, says get ready for her muh dikhayi ritual.

Ratan meets Yash and informs that kaaki maasa is angry on him and is not speaking. Yash says he got love marriage and got irked daadi saa Ratan says kaaki maasa hates Diya, how to make her realize that Diya is an angel and is very good. He sees maid taking lots of gifts and asks what are these. She says these are gifts for Thakurani.

Sajjan enters his room and sees servants taking his bags out, asks where are they taking them. Chote Takur Bhuvan Singh enters and says he ordered maids to take his bags out as it is not good for man to stay in his daughter’s house. He insults Sajjan with harsh words. Sajjan folds his hands and says whatever he says, he will not go away from Diya baisa. Bhuan says he knows he would not go, she is shifting his belongings to hotel. Sajjan asks how can he stay away from Diya. CT enters and comments Hukum is right, hotel is in same building and he can meet Diya anytime, that way people will not think that he is eating in his daughter’s house. Sajjan leaves. Bhuvan praises his wife’s intelligence.

Diya gets ready for muh dikhayi and speaks to her bhabhi over phone, says her parents are supporting her in these tough times. Maid brings tea. Diya sips tea. Ratan comes and asks if she likes tea. She says yes, at least 3-4 cups a day. He says even he likes tea, but stopped when Yash informed that tea makes one black, he does not like his angel to be black, so she should promise she will not drink tea. She crosses her fingers and promises. He leaves happily. Sakshi comes and tells Diya about their family that she should perform aarti to all their ancestor’s photos. Diya goes down with her. Sakshi gets a call. She nervously says her friend is calling and leaves. Diya performs Maan’s photo’s aarti reminiscing him giving Ratan’s responsibility to her. Chandelier starts shaking. She looks up and gets tensed.


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