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Pehredaar Piya Ki 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya chcks her gifts and opens a box. Gold chain and locket falls down. Ratan picks and says wow, this locket is so pretty, sadly says he did not get any gift at all. She reminisces telling her sister she should fix her and jijai’s photos in a pendant and exchange it. Sister says she should do it with her husband. Diya says she will book may pendants for husband. Out of flashback, she tells Ratan this gift is for him and he can keep it. Ratan gets very happy, kisses her cheek and runs to Yash’s room. He shows locket to Yash excitedly. Yash says locket is empty. Priya comes and scolds Yash for not doing home work. Ratan takes Priya’s side. Yash gets angry on Ratan for taking his mother’s side. Ratan says he gave idea to convince kaaki masa and tells his plan. Yash says it is awesome plan.

Bhuvan returns haveli inebriated. Servant removes his shoes and presses his legs. Neeti bua comes and says though she divorced her husband and is staying at her brothers’ house, she cannot see someone looting her brother’s wealth. Bhuvan asks what happened now. She describes paghphera incident where CT gives London tickets to Diya and asks her leave Rata and settle her life, and Diya tells she will not leave Ratan her whole life and will not break her promise made to Maan Singh. Bhuvan stands fuming.

Sajjan tells Diya that she should not leave Ratan alone as his life is in danger in this haveli. Servant brings gifts and tells Maan that Bhuvan has sent gifts to him as he is leaving haveli. Sajjan with Diya walks to living room where Bhuvan asks Sajjan if he will not take Diya for pagh phera rituals. Sajjan says he will and Ratan also. Bhuvan shouts he will not send his daata hukum. Bua says as per rituals, bride goes to parent’s house and groom goes to bring her home. Diya says she will not go without Ratan. Ratan comes and says he will not send Diya away. Sajjan says they will follow ritual and soon Diya will return back to Ratan forever. Bhuvan, CT and team get happy. Sajjan takes Diya to his hotel room and they are all surprised.

Sajjan takes Diya to his hotel room. Bhuvan follows them with CT and shouts what drama is it. Sajjan asks CT to explain her husband that he is following ritual and girl’s maika is in her parent’s heart. CT stands silently. Sajjan asks her to send Ratan to receive Diya. She comments and leaves. Sajjan tells Diya let us have some fresh air. He reminds that in her childhood, he used to arm wrestle with his friends and she used to insist to arm wrestle with him. She says he used to win always. He says let us wrestle again. They both and Diya wins. Diya says he lost purposefully.

Sajjan says she needs to protect Ratan as enemies are all around and she need to find enemy with her conscience. He then calls his wife who says she has prepared Diya’s favorite dishes and is waiting for her. Sajjan says he performed paghphera here itself and explains her whole situation. She smiles. Diya says they both did not stay away from each other since marriage, but not have to for her sake. Mom says good she does not have to obey her husband for sometime. Sajjan smiles and disconnects call. Maid brings something. Sajjan says Diya’s sasural has sent something again to kick him out. He is shocked to see 1 lakh bill for a 1 day hotel stay and realizes Bhuvan’s plan. Diya tries to stop him from signing bill, but he says he will handle it. Diya feels guilty that her father is suffering because of her.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sakshi tells Diya if she can take 7 pheras with her 9-year-old brother… Diya confronts they know why and in what situation she married 9-year-old Ratan, so they should stop throwing their dirty thinking on her.

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