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Pehredaar Piya Ki 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya and Ratan are sound asleep in the morning. Maid wakes up Diya and says it is already 7:30 a.m. and today she has suhaag thaal ritual today. Diya hurriedly gets up. Ratan also gets up and selects dress for Diya. He says his princess will look very beautiful in it and Kaaki maasa will get happy seeing her. He says why only women have all the rituals and not men, goes out while she gets ready and plays chess with Yash and hopes Diya convinces kaaki maasa today. Diya gets ready. Maid says Ratan selected best dress for her and she is looking very pretty. Ratan returns and asks Diya to promise that she will convince kaaki maasa. Diya reminisces CT’s taunts that for Ratan she is just a toy and once he loses interest in her like a toy, he will forget her. She promises Ratan though.

Guests gather for Suhaag thaal ritual and eagerly wait for Diya to have liquor with her. Sajjan calls Diya and asks if she got ready. She says yes. He asks her to be careful and not drink liquor even if she is forced and asks not to leave her glass and if she leaves, not to drink from it again. She goes out and greets guests. CT introduces her to guests. Diya performs rituals by feeding food to each family member and having food from them. After that liquor party starts. Bua asks Diya to have liquor. Diya says she does not. Bua says it will keep them closer. Diya says liquor is not needed to be closer. She gets juice. Bua introduces her to other guests. CT silently mixes some powder in Diya’s drink. Guest asks Diya why did she marry a kid. Diya looks at CT. CT says this ritual is being followed in their family, Daata Hukum’s grandfather married a woman 10 years elder to her to protect their lineage, Daata Hukum Maan wanted to see his son’s wedding before he passes away and selected Diya, they could not get such a perfect and beautiful bahu than Diya, looking frowning. Guests then praises their husband’s love for them. Sakshi says even her Mohak loves her a lot and her words are final. Guest asks Priya to tell how much Raghu loves her and how their London online romance is. Priya tries to leave, but they stop. She gulps liquor glasses and gets heavily inebriated. Diya reminisces Sajjan’s words not to keep her glass down and if she keeps, not to drink anything from it. She finishes juice from glass though.

Ratan says Yash that he wants to attend Diya’s suhaag thaal ritual. Yash gives him veil and says they can enter wearing this like in films. Ratan says he is a rajput and will not use all this. He enters function venue. Women say he cannot enter women’s ritual. He says it is husband’s right to perform ritual of his wife and kaaki maasa told it to him. Everyone praise that he become wise now. He does ritual and gives nazar money to maid and walks out smiling. Priya comes heavily inebriated and tells Diya that CT told her husband is in London, but he ran away from her and Yash. This family is very ruthless and protects its dignity, but insults others, she should be careful regarding her father, they will even insult him. Sakshi and Shivani drag Priya away while she resists. Diya stands shocked.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bua’s son shouts that someone stole his family’s silver sword. Diya finds sword in Sajjan’s bag. Sajjan asks why is she holding sword and takes it from her. Bhuvan enters with police and alleges Sajjan for stealing sword and gets him arrested. Diya shouts no…Babasa.

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