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Pehredaar Piya Ki 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Pehredaar Piya Ki 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Diya reminisces Priya telling that this family is very ruthless and wait for a chance to insult others, they will do same with her father. She runs towards Sajjan’s room and sees Ayush scolding guards how can his family’s silver sword go missing. She runs into Sajjan’s room and sees masked man there. She asks who is he. He runs away. Diya opens Sajjan’s bag and finds sword in it. Sajjan returns and asks what is she is doing here and seeing sword in her hand takes it. Bhuvan enters commenting he was staying as ghar sasur and now he stole their family sword and became thief. CT enters with Ayush and Mohak and comments she told him to shift to a cheap hotel, but he did not and to pay their hotel bill, he stole their family sword. Sajjan shouts he is not a thief.

Ayush calls police and gets Sajjan arrested. Diya shouts no…She comes out of flashback and thinks she cannot let papa’s dignity at risk. Sajjan comes and she hides sword behind her back. He asks if everything is fine. She says yes, she came to inform that Suhag thaal ritual went peacefully. He asks if she is telling truth. She says yes and leaves. He thanks god.

CT drags Priya to her room. Priya resists and asks why did not she hold her son like this, if she had, he would not have let them, what is her mistake and Yash’s mistake, why they should suffer. CT says if pain and dignity is exposed, people love seeing it.

Diya walks hiding sword behind her back silently. Ayush notices her walking away. Diya walks to corridor and removes sword from behind her and silently hides it under plant.

Priya continues confronting CT. CT says she made a joke of herself by exposing her problems. Jhumki hears their conversation hiding near door. CT calls her and asks to not let anyone meet Priya until she gets sober. Jhumki locks Priya’s room from outside. Priya continues that CT cannot hide her truth and her face will be exposed in front of Diya soon and even she will run away like Raghu. Diya comes and hears that. CT sees her, dorns pallu and says she should not walk without pallu like that. Diya reminisces Maan’s words and hiding accident from CT and Sajjan suggesting they should play mind game when opponent is too intelligent. She thinks if CT really wants to kill Ratan.

Diya returns to her room and sees Ratan waiting for her. Ratan shows jalebi and samosas and says this is our suhaag thal and says jalebi is her favorite. She bites jalebi. He asks not to eat alone and feed him also. He bites and asks if it is tasty. She smiles and nods yes. She reminisces Priya’s words and thinks she is right, they wanted to insult papasa/Sajjan.


Pehredaar Piya Ki 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : CT tells inspector if he has come to take charity, he can sit. Inspector says he came as he was called. CT asks who will call him. Diya says she called him.

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