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Peshwa Bajirao 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Balaji giving the description of a man and saysy he knows how to use all weapons and he is not a man but also an example. Baji sees Khaas coming there, ready to teach fight to Baji. Baji says Khaas kaka, if he will fight with me. Khaas says when he is on war, he is a soldier and not kaka.

Aurangzeb tells that Shahu ji is his prisoner and if his blood flows then it will be with his wish. He tells soldiers that Shahu ji’s eyes will open in Aurangabad only. Balaji cuts Baji’s finger a bit and does his tilak with his blood. Baji touches his feet to take his blessings. Balaji blessings him. Baji then greets Khaas. Balaji says you have strength and says you need to choose your weapon today. Baji recalls Tara Rani gifted him sword and says he will begin fighting with sword. Khaas takes the sword and says you will get this sword when you learn first lesson of war. Baji asks what is the first lesson.

Balaji tells that first lesson is self protection and tells all the lessons. Khaas asks Baji to attack him and says we will begin the first lesson of self protection. Baji attacks him with his hand and then sword. Khaas holds him. Balaji asks Baji to attack on his eyes and then hold his legs. Baji does as Balaji says, but gets defeated by khaas. Balaji tells Khaas that Baji have to learn to stand up and learn from his mistake. Baji gets up. Balaji, Khaas and someone is having food. Balaji tells that Baji is not feeling hungry as he is more focussed to leanr.

Radha asks Gotiya to have food. Gotiya refuses and says my shakti is Baji, how can he go without meeting me. Radha tells that Baji went with Balaji to Daulatabad because of the circumstances and says now he is learning in his father’s paathshaala. Gotiya says he will seek his parents’ permission and will go to Daulatabad.

Baji fights with Khaas and defeats him. Khaas says you have learnt self protection in a day. Balaji says this is just a start, you have to learn much more things. Baji looks on. Later they come to the place and see the box missing. Balaji shouts and asks where is the box. Someone tells that he sent the box with the treasury to someone. Announcement is made that Naser came. Naser comes on his horse. The marathi sardaars greet him. Naser sits down. Baji looks on upset and says I have taken out his pyjama in Saswad. Naser takes out the pistol and says this is not Saswad, but Daulatabad. He says if I press the trigger, then both son and father will be killed. He says that Saswad was your home, and rats become tigers at home. Qamer Uddin comes and says in Daulatabad, tigers becomes rats. Naser smiles and greets his father. Marathi man greets him. Qamer Uddin looks at Balaji and Baji. Naser says I know that you will ask me childish question, how did the treasury come to Mughals.

Qamer Uddin says marathis honor the people after their death. He says you have saved Ajinkya Tara, but Tara Rani didn’t give you anything and sent you here to die. If you was with Mughals, then you would have got jageers and prizes.. Balaji says he is not afraid of death. Qamer Uddin asks Naser to play with his toys. Naser throws his gun and tells that if he kills them then they will become matryr and will be honored which he can’t see. He says he will smash Balaji like an ant. Baji asks Naser not to forget that he has lost from him before. Naser keeps sword on his neck and makes Baji’s sword fall down. He asks Balaji to hold his son and leave, and says if I see you in Daulatabad again then will make your life as hell and gives them a day’s time. Qamer Uddin says we will have enmity with honesty and asks Naser to come. Naser is going with Qamer Uddin. Balaji and Baji looks on. Naser taunts Marathis before going.

Khaas continues to train Baji. Baji asks Balaji why didn’t you reply to Naser and Qamer Uddin. Balaji says they were provoking us, but we will show them what we can do. Khaas asks Baji to concentrate on the fight and says enemy will not show pity on you. Swaraj song plays….Baji and Khaas are fighting. Baji imagines Naser and fights madly with Khaas. Balaji tells that our Marathi shall trust themselves and asks him to get ready for a war. Baji defeats Khaas and says hamari matrabhoomi, hamara desh, why shall we leave? He asks why. Everyone is shocked seeing his determination for Swaraj.


Peshwa Bajirao 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Balaji tells villagers that you gives tax to Mughals and not have money to give us. Khan comes and says they will not hear you. Baji comes and hangs him angrily with rope.

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