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Peshwa Bajirao 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Malhar that he don’t need him or his friendship. Rajasvi gives palace map to Radha and asks her to break the wall and says they all will escape from the secret way. Radha says she can’t break the wall and can’t risk her children’s life. Rajasvi says your kids are already in danger and asks her to find the instruments to break the wall and get the strength. Radha looks at Chimna and Bhiu.

Balaji gains consciousness and hears Shahu ji talking to Mughal soldiers and telling that he is missing Zeenat as she gave much love to him than his mum. Balaji hears him and thinks Shahu ji is changed and I have risked my family’s life for him. Shahu ji tells that all earth is one family and this is the only country where each person prays for everyone. He tells that he don’t want Raj, but Swaraj. Mughal soldier asks what is the difference Raj and Swaraj. Shahu ji says as Chatrapati maharaj used to say, Raj is made to snatch and Swaraj is to distribute. He says Raj is made by attacking others, and Swaraj is made by protecting our values and customs. Balaji hears him. Shahu ji says Raj is based on killing, and swaraj is based on sacrifice and says a good raja dreams of Swaraj and not to rule. Balaji thinks Baji is the rightful raja who haven’t forgetton of his dream of Swaraj. Just then Dhana ji and his men come there and kills Mughal men.

Baji asks Chandrasen to forgive Malhar and says I told him that I don’t need him. Malhar asks how can you bend your head. Baji says I am alone here and knows my place. He says when everyone is following them, why I shall be krantikari. Malhar says I thought you are alone, but today you have proved that your strength etc is washed away. Chandrasen laughs and says you didn’t bend infront of Qamer Uddin, but infront of me. Baji says you are teaching me here. Chandrasen asks him to stay there itself and wait for their arrival. Baji looks on.

Dhana ji asks all Mughal soldiers to keep the weapon down. He takes out the sword when Shahu ji asks him to stop. Shahu ji asks Dhana ji not to take mughal soldier as he is protecting his life. Dhana ji says he is sad to see Chatrapati Shivaji’s grand son becoming Mughals’ shelter. He says you have forgotten your ancestral sacrifices. He says you can’t be Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj’s blood and must be an imposter, whom I will give death sentence. He is about to stab him, but Balaji comes and holds the sword asking Dhana ji to kill him before reaching Shahu ji. Shahu ji is shocked.

Balaji feeds horse and thinks he fought with malhar today so that he don’t worry about him. He says I was sad before also, but never alone. He says I couldn’t do when everyone is snatched away by me. He sees horses bringing dead body of Marathi soldiers. Radha asks Bhiu where is Chimna. Chimna comes running in bad condition and coughs. Hetells Radha that he heard Pant Pratinidhi talking and telling that if Balaji don’t agree to their saying and kill Shahu ji then Dhana ji will kill Balaji and Chandrasen will kill Baji and maharaj will kill us. Radha is shocked and looks at the map in her hand.

Balaji tells Dhana ji that only he can tell that he is Shahu ji or not and tells that he is Chatrapati Shivaji’s grand son and Sambha maharaj’s son and says only he can bring Marathi prestige back. Dhana ji says your eyes haven’t seen Shahu ji protecting Mughal. Balaji says you didn’t see Mughal protecting Shahuji’s life and says it is easy to defeat enemy, but difficult to win enemy. He says shahu ji have won enemy and mughal is ready to give their life for Shahu ji, not because of mughal king, but because of Shahuji’s love and humanity. Mughal man tells that Balaji is saying right, whoever stays with Shahu ji are priceless.

Dhana ji says you are forgetting your duty, you came here to follow Tara Rani Bai’s orders, if you don’t do this then you can’t see your family again. Balaji tells that he heard about the blood sowing in the land and there only Swaraj is boom, but I didn’t know that the blood is of his family. He says country is more than a family, if it can be his family. He tells that I respect Tara Rani Bai for her work, but she is not ready to give away the singhasan. He tells Shiva Raze is not a good son or the good ruler, he is controlled by Tara Rani Bai. He says what will happen when Shiva Raze becomes a bad ruler and then all Marathi samraj will be shaken up and asks Dhana ji to take a decision. He asks can you kill Shahu ji knowing all this.

Baji comes running to the war place and see everyone dead. He is shocked. He hears Prabhakar Rao asking for water and recalls his torture. He makes him have water and asks how did this happen.


Peshwa Bajirao 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha finds the instruments/weapons to break the wall. Prabhakar Rao tells Baji that only he have the strength and can win over.

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