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Peshwa Bajirao 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The epi begins wid baji venting out his frustration dt y dey had to leave wen d land was der dey belonged to dt soil… balaji cums to him and asks wat xactly he wanted to do…

nxt day morng d khan and his men arrive btw der turbans luked more like african rulers dn mughalsnywys dey cum and threaten d remaining officials saying dt balaji mite have fled out of fear…meanwhile d person who is supporter of d mughals was ready to der atitysatkaarand tells dm to have a seat wen khaas arrives and pulls d table and both fall downdey fume in anger and r about to attack wen khaas holds dm at d sword point…

balaji and baji arrive and dey r asked dt dey were still here and balaji tells d fb is shwn of hw balaji just wanted to knw whether baji was prepared fr d war…fb ends…and balaji threatens dm and dey leave…

balaji warns dt traitor to cum bk on proper track otherwise

balaji meets d sar deshmukh and is surprised to see dhanaji being his superior officerfb is shown of panth telling him to take d post in daulatabad to keep a tab on balaji as he dint wanted balaji to rise

balaji doesnt budge but firmly tells him dt he doesnt like nyone’s interference in his work and if he wanted to complain to tararani he was free to do itand leaves… meanwhile nasir cums der and tries to bribe dhanaji’s son but he denies…thnk god i was like he will like dis fellow’s foot

balaji and his men try to convince d ppl abt d taxes y dey collect till dn khan arrives and all run helter skelter in his fear…he keeps boasting dat balaji’s words would only fall n deaf ears since ppl had fear of d mughals…

balaji is able to convince d ppl thru hailing shivaji’s name and all cum bk again…now d best part cums…khan fumes and unsheathes his sword wen baji slips frm der and puts d rope around dt khan’s neck and drags him and he is hanged on d other side of d fort…his men run awaybalaji convinces d ppl not to fear and dey r freed of d fear and dey pelt stones at him finally balaji stops dm…one by one dye cum and donate d things…khan is allowed to stay alive so dt he goes and informs QM and his son abt all dis kand

nasir bk to lashesomg dis is yet again epic…last time too he lost and was taking lashes and still he dint learn d lessons and now again he lost so bk to lashingkhan tells him in details…

at night balaji and his men r having dinner wen a few horsemen cum and throw a gunny bag…khaas wid d help of d bhala pricks and finds out cut pieces of sumone’s body…dey r shocked…and turn bk to see d houses of all d ppl being on fire


Peshwa Bajirao 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : balaji and his men loose to mughals and ppl r again targeted as dey tells balaji to leave since dey couldnt save dm frm mughals and dey strt pelting stones at balaji

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