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Peshwa Bajirao 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji hearing the music and gets attracted towards the place. A woman is seen singing song. He comes there and sees woman in veil singing song. He sits there and feels the music relaxing. Woman sees him and gets up. Baji smiles and imagines family life with life partner and kid. He gets up and looks elsewhere for the woman who sung the song. She leaves on the horse. He enquires about her. A man informs him that she reads Quran and Geeta also. Baji smiles. Kashi is upset. Rakhma tries to cheer her up. Radha comes and tells Kashi that wait will be over soon. She says Anubai and BhiuBai will come soon.

Woman (Mastani) comes back to Chhatrasal Palace. Her mum asks why did you go on horse. Mastani says she went to pray. Her mum says if Badi Rani comes to know then she will get angry. Mastani says you are also maharaj’s wife and asks why do you get afraid of Badi Rani. She says all ranis are away from us. Mastani says she believes on love and not on religion. Ruhaani Bai tells that if she does any mistake then maharaj will listen to Badi Rani. Baji sings song sung by Mastani. Balaji asks what he is singing? He says he heard some stranger singing this and felt peaceful. Balaji says peace is also needed.

Baji says I forgot about peace and silence while doing war. Balaji says tomorrow we are going and you will meet Kashi. He asks him to be at home till he gets fine. Baji says ok, but thinks if he stops then enemies will go far. Chima ji invites Pant Pratinidhi for the function at home. Pant Pratinidhi tells him that if some wealth is going to Balaji’s house. Chimna asks him to keep his concern infront of Shahu ji and says they are not afraid, as they have done nothing wrong. Bhiu comes home. Kashi greets heer. Bhiu says she brought Bajis favorite sweets. Rakhma also greets her and takes her inside. Kashi thinks she will know Baji’s likes and dislikes this time.

Radha asks Bhiu about her husband. Bhiu says he is busy and may not come. Radha asks if she is keeping fast and asks if Jamai taking kada something. Bhiu asks why she is behaving strange with her. Radha tells her that inlaws and husband don’t value a wife when she don’t give the heir. Radha says she loves her a lot and will do yagna so that she gets the heir. Bhiu says I came to meet my Aayi here, but here Peshwin bai stays.. Kashi comes and informs that they have come. Baji Balaji and others come home. Kashi smiles.


Peshwa Bajirao13th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kashi shows the candle stand etc to Baji. Baji looks at her.