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Peshwa Bajirao 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bappa ji asking Balaji how he will make Sena now without wealth. Shivbai sends message to her husband through a dasi. Mahant ji excuses himself and goes. He asks why did you call me. She asks him to go. Balaji says we don’t want Sena who supports us for wealth. He says I will find the veers who are ready to die for land and not for money. Bappa ji laughs and says that sena might be like your son. He and his supporter laugh on him. He says you and your family have become first family of Satara, but your one misitake will change everything. Baji hears them. Shivbai asks Mahant ji not to waste money here and says we will have to beg else. She says how we will be protected without Sena. She says Balaji is not equivalent to Dhanaji’s reflection and says we have good relations with Tara Rani Bai and we can secure our children talking to her. Mahant ji asks her to stop it. Shivbai says very soon wealth will go from your hands. Radha hears them and goes.

Baji is breaking coconuts angrily. Radha asks what you are doing, get up. Balaji and others also come there and asks him to stop it Baji says I broke up this coconut angrily being childish and unexperienced and asks if there is experienced person here who can make the coconut in one piece. He says one shall help others and give courage to others rather than taunting. He tells Chandrasen broke the sena and you have broken the courage. Radha asks him to stop it. Baji tells that under his father’s guidance, 40 marathi soldiers defeated 4000 Mughals. Bappa says war is won by intelligence.

Baji says whoever is not stubborn is not Marathi. Bappa ji asks him to stop it and says kids shall not speak when elders are talking. Pandit ji says this kid is small in age, but not less in experience, courage etc. He gives kauravas and pandavas and says Satya never loses which is with Shahu ji. Bappa ji says we will help Shahu ji win. Radha says when human is stubborn then even God bends down infront of him. Suddenly rain starts. Baji asks Malhar and other kids to come and enjoy rain. He says this rain signs that God is with us, Shiva Raze can’t attack us while rain is on, and till then Baba will make a new sena. Kashi is about to go out and play in rain, but Shivbai tells her that rich kul girls don’t do like this and takes her. Swaraj hai plays….

Shahu ji says we need wealth for the sena, but there is not much wealth with Mahant ji. Mahant ji recalls giving promise to Shivbai that he will not give wealth. He tells Shahu ji that he has to keep some money for Kashi’s marriage. ShivBai scolds Kashi for trying to enjoy the rain. Radha says she is a kid. Shivbai says nobody gave you right to interfere in our family matter. She raises question on her upbringing. Baji says he is silent because of upbringing. Kashi gets angry on him and says what you will say being Peshwa’s son. Baji says we haven’t changed, but others thinking have changed. He asks Kashi to stop and give nothing saying it is your thinking which was fallen down. Shivbai says I will never step here. Balaji says I can understand being a father to a daughter. Shahu ji says if you agree then I will find good groom for your daughter. Mahant ji says why I will object. Shahu ji says I have found good groom for your daughter and proposes Kashi’s marriage with Baji. Mahant ji is shocked. Balaji is also shocked.

Gotiya makes Namrata have food with her hand. Bhiu tells Chimna that Aayi have fried the mirchis also in the bhajiya. Baji says I will eat and help you. Gotiya gives bhajiyas to Baji. Baji eats all plate and says it was not that. Radha comes. Gotiya tells her that Baji has eaten all his Bajiyas. Radha asks him to apologize to Shivbai, until then he will not be fed. Baji says she has insulted you. Radha says you have raised question on my upbringing. Bhiu says Kashi started the argument. Chimna asks who told you? Bhiu says I trust my Bhao like I trust God. Namrata tells Gotiya that there is a love in the family. Baji says Shivbai insulted you in the darbaar and had taunted you during pooja too, how could I be silent. Radha asks them to follow her orders and says our kids don’t argue with elders.

Baji refuses to apologise and says he will not hear any injustice. Radha asks him to apologise else she will think that Shivbai was right and her upbringing is wrong. Baji agrees to apologise to Shivbai. Gotiya accompanies him while he leaves.


Peshwa Bajirao 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Shivbai asks why did you come here? Radha says she came to tell her something and says Peshwin bai didn’t come, but a mum. She tells that her son is having Alp Ayu/short life. Shivbai is shocked.