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Peshwa Bajirao 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Tara Rani Bai coming to Radha’s room. Radha says you would have called me. Tara Rani Bai asks if any objection? Radha says you are go to anywhere in this palace and tells you are lucky and we are unlucky as we couldn’t return our home. Tara Rani says whoever curses their destiny, destiny curses that person. Radha says I am not cursing it, but hoping to change it. She says I have learnt so much from you and have understood that real character is shown at the toughest time. Tara Rani Bai tells that she heard some noise there. Bhiu says she was making singhasan for her doll. Tara Rani Bai tells that girls can’t sit on singhasan.

Mazhar Khan comes to Qamer Uddin and informs about Dhana ji and Balaji joining Shahu ji. Qamer Uddin appreciates him and tells Naser that Tara Rani’s head will be down now, and Balaji and his family’s head will cut down. Baji comes to Kam Baksh’s palace and tells that he wants to meet him. Mughal man asks what he wants to do? Balaji says he wants to tell chutkula/jokes to Kam Baksh. Mughal man says you will become joke. Baji asks if Mughals are not listening to jokes after Aurangzeb’s death. Kam Baksh asks who is he? Baji looks on. Malhar also sees her. Tara Rani tells Shiva Raze that their soldiers are captivated by Mughals while fighting with Kam Baksh. Shiva Raze asks about Baji. Tara Rani tells that we didn’t know about Chandrasen also. She tells that she has sent her spy and can take a decision then. She thinks to visit temple and pray for them. Qamer Uddin comes there with Naser and tells that that God listened to her prayers. He tells that he is hopeful that she will understand and will agree. Tara Rani Bai asks what you will do, who has lost with 40 soldiers. Qamer Uddin tells that Balaji is with Shahu ji now and also manipulated Dhana ji to support him. He tells that their destination is Satara. Tara Rani Bai is shocked. Baji comes inside the Palace and tells jokes. Malhar looks on. Kam baksh asks what is your name? Baji says Maskara. Baji tells poetry that he is mascara, but new. He says he is reading jokes for first time. Kam Baksh asks didn’t your mum told you to bend infront of a ruler.

Tara Rani tells Qamer Uddin that she is impressed with me as it is proved now that he has gone mad after Aurangzeb’s death. She tells that Dhana ji will never betray them. She tells that they, Marathi will never believe enemies and asks him to leave. Qamer Uddin says he came to help her and wanted Shiva Raze to be king, but when she doesn’t want then she have to come to him.

Balaji meets Sardar and asks him to support Shahu ji. Sardar says we can’t betray Tara Rani and can’t forget her sacrifices and doings. Balaji tells that they have no doubt that whatever she has done is for the country, but Shiva Raze is an incompetent king. Shahu ji comes there. Sardar greets him and tells that he can let him stay, but can’t give soldiers’ support as he has less soldiers. Shahu ji agrees. Rajasvi tells Radha Bai that she will go with her son first, and tells that soldiers will get doubtful. Radha says if we will go then we will go together, else nobody will go. Rajasvi says I am rani and it seems you have forgotten my anger. Radha says I am a mum and can do anything for my kids. They manage to come out of palace through the hole which Radha made in the wall. Once they get out, they are shocked to see something.

Baji cracks the jokes and says you are so tall, how can I bend and talk to you. You are like a sky and says if I bend down then it will be like talking to ants. Malhar says why he is praising Kam Baksh. Baji says he is not praising him, and don’t apply butter to him. Kam Baksh laughs. Radha, Rajasvi, and kids see Tara Rani Bai standing with Raze and soldiers. Tara Rani asks Rajasvi what she thought that she will flee from her. She says I am forgiving you for first time and asks her not to do mistake again. They are arrested by the soldiers and taken inside. Tara Rani asks Radha why did she do this and says you have made palace plan on your saree and thought I will not know. She recalls seeing Palace map on her saree. Kam Baksh asks him to crack nice jokes. Baji tells that his friend Gotiya offered to give 1000 gold coins to the person who gives him 2000 coins. He tells more jokes. Kam Baksh asks for more…Marathi man asks Malhar what Baji wants to do. Malhar says don’t know what is in his mind?

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