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Peshwa Bajirao 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

The Episode starts with Radha reading Balaji’s letter written in a poetic way. He informs her that he has gone on a work without taking her permission. He informs that he is on a mission given to him by Tara Rani and that she is very impressed with him. He asks her not to cry and says he can’t write her letter until he is on his mission. Radha cries and hugs his letter. She apologizes and says you have asked me not to cry, and I know that I am a warrior’s wife, but can’t stop shedding tears, don’t worry…I will take care of kids. Bhiu and Chima ji comes home. Radha asks where is Baji? Baji makes Naser falls down and asks him to learn fighting first. He says we don’t let our turban falls down. Naser lifts his legs to make him fall. Baji’s turban falls, but he holds it. Naser picks his fallen turban from the ground and is about to throw sand in Baji’s eyes. Baji is about to go, but Naser’s men stops him.

Baji fights with Naser like a true warrior and says if anyone comes near me then I will drop him in the cliff. Naser asks Baji not to leave his hand and gives his land promise. Baji holds his hand and saves him. He says this is our land, don’t mess with us, else I will make you taste the land. Naser takes sword from his man and makes Baji falls in the cliff. Baji says you have cheated me, you didn’t do right. He tries to climb up holding the stone, but Naser kicks on his chest and makes him fall down in the valley. Mughals song plays…..He asks his man if Baji will be saved. Man says this place is dangerous, he can’t come out alive from here.

Balaji comes to Bhairav garh with someone. A woman tells them that their husbands are jailed by Mughals, and tells all their misery. Balaji feels bad and says if you want to live then you have to learn to light the firelight. Injured Balaji wakes up and finds himself surrounded by deadly crocodile. He starts walking, but falls down. Crocodile attacks him. Radha gets worried for Baji and asks Chima and others to search him. Balaji and someone see Mughals beating Marathi. He asks Balaji to stop them somehow. Mughal man asks his man to leave Marathi man and says we shall let this man free so that he can have fear and pain. Balaji tells that he has sensed and read that mughal’s man eyes.

Baji’s friend tells Radha that he saw Baji going towards the mountains, and says he is lost. Radha says how can he be lost? Chima ji says even I went and searched him, but he couldn’t be found. Gotiya comes there and cries. Radha asks where is Baji? She sees few men bringing Baji there. Everyone cry seeing Baji’s condition. Radha is in shock and recalls Pandit ji telling that Baji’s age will be short. The person bringing him informs Radha that he is bitten by the crocodile many times. Radha asks them to bring vaid and peepal leaves.

She worries for Baji and lifts him in her arms and walks inside the house. Later in the night, Baji is kept in a pool of peepal leaves. Vaid are treating him. Bhiu gets scared seeing Radha putting insects on him. Radha says they will suck the poison and asks Chima to take Bhiu inside. Bhiu asks him to be fine and goes inside crying. Chima and Gotiya take her inside. Radha tells that she is sure that he is listening to her and asks him to open his eyes………She cries. Vaid ji asks Radha to do as he says. She wipes the blood from his face. He asks her to put oil in his nose and eyes. Radha puts oil in his nose and eyes as he said. Vaid says we have done treatment, and says if he don’t come into his senses soon then……Radha misses Balaji and thinks your son needs you and even me….

Peshwa Bajirao 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha is crying sitting at Baji’s side. Same Pandit ji comes there. Radha is shocked.

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