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Peshwa Bajirao 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Gotiya that Aayi is sending them to apologize to Shivbai at wrong time. Gotiya says weather is good. Baji thinks why Radha is asking him to bend down infront of Shivbai. Gotiya says sometimes we have to do something due to circumstances and says that’s how he married Namrata. Baji asks why you talks about Namrata always. Gotiya asks him to marry for understanding it. Kashi stops them and says you can’t meet Shivbai. Baji says it is his right to apologise and nobody can stop him. She raise her hand. He holds her hand. Balaji tells Radha about Shahu ji’s proposal. Shivbai gets angry at Mahant ji for agreeing to Baji and Kashi’s marriage proposal. Mahant says Baji is a nice guy and I agreed for the alliance. Baji asks Kashi to move from his way and says he has to apologize to Shivbai. Kashi asks him to promise that he will not see her face and give him on Shivbai’s behalf.

Gotiya promises on his behalf. Baji tells her that his all fights end with his win. Radha tells Balaji that they have to tell truth to Kashi’s parents that Baji’s life is very short. She goes to Shivbai and greets her. Shivbai says your son have taken our respect and because of Shahu ji, he will take our daughter also and asks what else do you need. Radha says she came to tell her something. Shivbai insults her. Mahant ji asks her to stop it. Radha says she knows how to do her duty and says today a mum came to your house whose son is alpayu. Mahant ji says Baji is a healthy child. Radha says Brahmanendra Swami made his kundli and told that he is Alpayu, short life. Shivbai says his astrology can’t be wrong. She says now her son is short life.

Radha says Brahmanendra Swami said two more thingsand says Baji lives 2.5 days in a day and says he will become a big Yoddha and nobody can defeat him. She says whoever marries him will be lucky girl and will be related to Baji’s yash. She says until when this world will exist, Baji Rao’s name will be known by everyone. She says if you have objection with the alliance even now then you can talk to Shahu ji. Mahant ji and Shivbai talk to Shahu ji. Shahu ji praises Baji and says he will live his life in a short time. Shivbai says how can I marry my daughter to a person whose age is short.

Shahu ji says if everyone thinks like this, then no soldier will get married. He tells that his wives’s parents got him married to their daughters, not because of fear, but because of hope. He asks them to make arrangements of marriage. Radha reads the letter sent by Mahant ji. Mahant ji tells that he agrees to Baji and Kashi’s alliance after talking to Shahu ji and his doubts are cleared now. Balaji tells that you will become saas now. Baji comes home and tells that he went to Mahant ji’s house and egoistic Kashi met him and forgave him on Shivbai’s behalf. Balaji is going. Baji says he will also come with him. Balaji asks him to stay with Radha as she needs him the most now.

Bhiu asks Radha to have laddoo for shishu. Baji says he needs to go now and tells that he forgot something. Radha says you needs a partner. Baji says I have a partner who is changed after marriage. Gotiya says you will also change after marriage and tells that they have fixed his marriage with Kashi. Baji is shocked.


Peshwa Bajirao 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kashi refuses to marry Baji and goes crying. Someone tells Shivbai that Mahant ji have to change his decision for Kashi’s stubbornness.