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Peshwa Bajirao 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling Baji that they have fixed his alliance with Kashi. Baji is shocked. Shiv bai tells her sister that she is helpless infront of her husband’s decision and tells that he has fixed Kashi’s marriage with Baji. Her sister Kumud says a wife has many avatars/role to play in a husband’s life. She says we can forget about his Alpayu yog for once, but we can’t forget that Kashi is brought up in a home like Palace and says how she will just in her house. Shivbai says Kashi shall not marry baji. Kashi hears her and cries badly, saying she don’t want to marry. She says she will never marry Baji. Radha tells Baji that their decision is final. Baji says he will never marry Kashi and don’t want to divert from his laksh. Gotiya says now you have to marry. Baji says I want to work for Swaraj and not to get involved in grahasti/family life.

Kashi refuses to marry and runs to her room. Kumud tells Shivbai that Mahant ji will bend down infront of his daughter’s stubbornness. Mahant ji sees Dasi knocking on the door. He asks what happened? Dasi says she has locked herself in room. Mahant ji says she is like her mum. He goes inside the room and tries to cheer her up. Kashi smiles. She says she don’t want to marry. Mahant ji says if she don’t want to marry or don’t want to marry Baji. Kashi says she don’t like Baji and says he always fights with her. Mahant ji tells her that he likes Baji and his bravery. He says just like you have seen his bravery, you will see his goodness too. He says Shahu ji is on the singhasan because of Baji’s bravery. He tells Kashi that he has just his destiny in his hand, but a girl has destiny of two families. Kashi says she don’t like his house too. Mahant ji is sure that wherever his daughter will stay, will make the place beautiful. Kashi agrees for marriage. Shivbai and Kumud are shocked.

Mahant ji says she has done a big favor on him by agreeing to the marriage. Kumud is surprised to see jewellery and clothes for Kashi. Shivbai tells that she has brought jewellery and clothes for Kashi since her childhood, but these things will not go with Kashi, but will be used by Shahu ji. Kumud asks her not to call herself helpless and tells that weak person is sacrificed. Radha refuses to have food. Baji says he will not agree without his wish and says he is like an open wind who can never be bonded by anyone. Radha explains to him that marriage is necessary. Baji says if I get marry, then I will divert from my mission and tells promising Shahu ji. Radha tells that Shahu ji proposed this marriage and tells that this marriage is a way towards Swaraj. She says Shahu ji have taken this decision for the nation and politics. Baji refuses still. Radha says if you want to do something for Swaraj then you will agree. Baji says his soul is not letting him agree. Radha says I am your Guru also and wants your approval in Guru dakshina.


Peshwa Bajirao 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kumud asks Kashi to do as she says, and says if you marry baji then also you will stay like a Rani, and smirks evilly.