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Peshwa Bajirao 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Guru ji asking Baji if he forgot his dialogues. Baji says no and greets everyone present there and tells that they are Chatrapati Shivaji’s people. He says they have to realize the enemy among them and tells that they will teach a lesson to Mughals. Gotiya pulls the bomb rope which came on his foot. He tells that all nature is against him to play Afzal Khan. He pulls the rope. The mughals man asks him what he is doing? He says he is pulling the rope to get water. They think he is mad guy. Gotiya says he is mad after practicing the dialogues of Afzal Khan and says he will not leave Mughals. Mughals get angry, but let him go. They think Baji must have seen Jeevan’s dead body. Meanwhile Radha sees them taking Jeevan body and asks what they are doing? They catch Radha. Radha tells that they can’t harm Marathis.
Baji calls Afzal Khan on stage. Gotiya comes on stage and tells that he don’t want to kill Chatrapati Shivaji.

Baji senses something wrong is going to happen and prays to God to help him stop it. Mughal man talks to each other. Baji looks on. Chimna tells his dialogues and says your intention is wrong. Gotiya says no. Bhiu says if he is saying then he is right. Gotiya says he is Chatrapati Shivaji devote and wants to fight with Mughals. Chimna reminds him that he is playing Afzal Khan. Baji thinks only his mum can understand him. Mughal man lights the crackers rope connected with the bomb. Radha tells them they are not blasting the Marathi land but Mughals’ emperor. The Mughal man seeing the play silently leaves. Baji follows him. Others try to follow Baji, but Guru ji stops them and asks to do the play. Baji comes and runs after the mughals. The mughals tell him that he will die soon and that they will blast all Marathi.

Baji sees Radha fallen on floor and runs towards her. He feels pain in his leg, and shouts Aayi. Gotiya, Chimna and others hear him. Gotiya tells Bhiu that he will check what is going on. Radha tries to set off the fire and asks Baji to get water. Baji says time is less and asks her to vacate all the place and take everyone to safe place. Radha says we have not much time. Baji asks her to go as he is saying. Radha says we don’t have time. Baji asks her to turn her face and don’t look at him. Radha asks what you are going to do.

Zeenat tells Shahu ji that something big is going to happen on Gudi Padwa day. A fb is shown, Zeenat is searching something. Naser comes and asks what you are doing? Zeenat says she is searching ring. He says he will search ring. Zeenat tells that honey was sweet and asks if he took honey out of hive. Naser says no, and tells that Qamer Uddin told Aurangzeb how to take out the honey from the hive. Fb ends. Shahu ji understands Qamer Uddin’s plan and tells that Tara Rani Saheb’s life is in danger. Kam Baksh hears him and says Shahu ji knows that even walls have ears, but doesn’t know that ears are fast. He tells that he will play a trick which will fail Qamer Uddin’s conspiracy and will shaken up Shahu ji.

All marathis, Guru ji and others come to Baji and asks what happened? Baji tells that Mughals have kept the place on fire, but he set off the fire.. Everyone lift Baji happily and take him towards Chatrapati Shivaji’s idol. Baji promises to bring Swaraj for everyone’s safety. He says Chatrapati Shivaji’s jai. All the people present there thanks Radha and Baji. Guru ji tells that he has informed Saswad soldier. He doesn’t appreciate Baji and tell that he will be spoiled. Baji and his friends see the villagers hiding in their houses and says they have to do something. They knock on everyone’s houses and put note which reads you are brave, with flower on it. Everyone get outside their house and reads the note. They ask who kept it. They see Baji beating the scare crow. Guru ji asks what is going on Baji.


Peshwa Bajirao 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Balaji comes to know about the attack on Saswad. They think no place is secure and they have to be extra cautions.

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