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Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 15th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

The Episode starts with Radha coming to Naser’s tent, and asks his men to move from her way, as she came to punish Naser for trying to kill Baji. Naser hears her and thinks if Baji is rescued. His men refuse let her meet Naser. Naser comes and says I let her come. He comes to her and asks what do you want? Radha says I came to give you two news, my son is fine and alive, and other thing is the gift which your mum would have to give you. She hits him with rods kept there. Naser and his men are shocked. He apologizes to her and asks for forgiveness. Radha says I am forgiving you thinking you as a child, and asks him to respect their land, else remember that Marathi is very stubborn and if they are determined then they take life of their enemy. She asks him to remember what a Marathi can do and walks off.

Shiva Raje asks Tara Rani Bai, why an innocent is punished? Tara Rani Bai tells that the bird did a mistake as it was vulnerable. She says Aurangzeb does war to snatch the land and we do war for peace. She says if we lose, then our people will be killed by Mughals. She asks him to make himself ready to fight with Mughals. Pant Pratinidhi asks her to give some time to Raje and says he is small now. Tara Rani says we don’t have time. She says I couldn’t give time to him, and was busy in holding swords, rather than him. She says she will train him. Pant Pratinidhi tells that he came to talk to her about Balaji. She says we didn’t get any news from him. Tara Rani Bai asks him to be ready for a surprise.

Mughal’s soldier who was actually a soldier talks to Gazi of Bhairav Garh, sitting on the chair, and tells him about a baba who rescued him. He recalls Balaji asking him to make his superior believe him. The man Gazi who is sitting in dark asks his man to find out if it is Tara Rani Bai’s conspiracy.

Radha thanks Maha Pandit for saving Baji. Pandit ji appreciates her for knowing Baji have a short life, but then also she tried her best to save him. Baji hears him and gets shocked. Maha Pandit ji goes.

Balaji tells his man that he will kill Qazi before he tries to kill them. His man says I wouldn’t have come with you if knows about your plan. Balaji shares his plan with him. His aide is shocked and asks how he will kill him. Soldier helping them tells other soldiers/guards that he is the baba. Guard says he looks like a soldier. They check him. Balaji throws the nail on ground. Balaji’s man kicks on the nail. Balaji catches it. Radha tells Baji that they have dreamt to see him becoming big man. Baji asks God why he gave short life to him, when his parents prayed for his long life. Radha asks him to bring turmeric from kitchen. He goes to kitchen. The utensils fall on him. He tries to protect himself and pulls the rope, thus making knife hit on his neck. He gets shocked and scared. Then realizes that it was his fear and imagination.

Qazi’s guard Abdullah bring Balaji and his man to Qazi and asks them to walk on their hands. Balaji gets up and says we did karamat….magic. Qazi asks him how did you reach Bhairav garh and made my soldier believe that you are great. Baji thinks about Maha Pandit ji words that she herself forgot that Baji has a short life. He gets scared. Bhiu comes and asks if he saw rat. Baji says I am not well. Bhiu asks him to give achaar. Baji is scared and asks Bhiu to take bottle by herself. He says what you will do if I am not in the house and never returns. Bhiu says I will wait for you to return as you never goes beyond peepal plant. Baji asks if I go beyond peepal plant. Bhiu is shocked.

Peshwa Bajirao 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Baji tells Radha that he heard her talking to Pandit ji about his short life span. Radha is shocked.

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