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Peshwa Bajirao 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Radha asking baji to give his approval for marriage as her Guru dakshina. Baji says I didn’t know that my Aayi will change and says don’t know who made you kaikeyi from kaushalya. Radha says mum have to change as Kaikeyi to get her son approval. Baju says this is ego. Radha says whoever is not having ego is not Marathi, and asks him to refuse to give dakshini and says God will punish you. Chimna says it is a sin if you don’t give dakshini. Namrata says it is not a bad thing. Bhiu says it is, if my bhao is saying. Baji says he needs sometime to think and goes.

Kumud breaks Kashi’s doll legs. Kashi asks why did you do this? Kumud says I have done what your mum in law will do with you in her house. She tells Kashi that Radha is a sweet knife and do politics. Kashi says Baji made me fool many times. Kumud instigates Kashi against Baji and Radha and says Baji will do mistake, and you will be punished. She says here you can share your feelings with Aayi and Nandini, but there, you will be all alone. Kashi says what to do, as I have agreed for marriage. Kumud says do as I say, if you get married there, then also you will stay as rani. Kashi hugs her.

Baji says life is given my every mum, but you gave me life, teachings, courage etc and says for the first time, you have asked me to give Guru dakshina, and agrees to marry Kashi for her, Baba and Shahu ji. He says he has one condition, and says he will not be binded by love or his wife, and says he don’t want any diversion from Swaraj. Radha promises him and says your Baba will be very happy knowing this. Gotiya thanks him.

Shahu ji asks someone to send gift to Baji for his wedding. Bappa ji comes and tells that you are more inclined towards Balaji and his family and says this is not needed. Shahu ji says they are Swaraj’s sainik and says they have presented their life infront of me, and I want to tell him that I knows his value. Sadanand tells that they lost the chance to make Balaji feel low. Bappa ji plans evil for Balaji.

Balaji tells Baji that Shahu ji sent this gift for you as you accepted his decision. Chimna says there is no message in it. Balaji says letter is not needed and tells that there are many gods in this idols and explains to Baji and others. He says a family is made with love and patience and says you have to take care of a relation. He says you don’t like Kashi and Shivbai, but if you have patience then you will find love for her. Baji says I don’t need anyone, and tells that he already mentioned Radha. He tells that he has made some preparation and takes Balaji with her. Radha says if he does like this then there will be a problem. Kumud asks Kashi to think herself more big than Baji and then only she will get respect. Kashi nods.

Baji, Balaji and Radha come for Sakarpura. Mahant ji does Baji’s tilak. Kumud says radha is trying to give you tough competition, and says everyone will fail infront of your cleverness. Shivbai does Baji’s aarti angrily. She then applies tilak to Radha. Radha also applies tilak. Pandit ji says I need kundlis to take out mahurat. Radha says she wants to meet Kashi and even her children. Shivbai asks Kumud to take Radha inside. Malhar asks Baji why he is scared of bride. Baji is about to go. Some women tease baji and tell Shivbai that let them ask few questions from Baji. Shivbai asks him to give respect to them.


Peshwa Bajirao 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kashi throws the shagun and refuses to marry Kashi, says Baji and his Aayi are evil. Everyone is shocked.