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Peshwa Bajirao 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In this Episode of Peshwa Bajirao 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update You will Watch : Baji tells Gotiya that he lied to his family and friends and betrayed them. They hear the tiger sound and get tensed.

The Episode starts with Guru ji wiping his face with handkerchief and his face blackens due to black powder on it. Everyone laughs. Guru ji asks who did this angrily. Balu tells him that Gotiya and his friends have done this. He tells that Gotiya is harming him. Parshu and Gotiya tell that they have promised Baji that they will not insult him. Guru ji calls them fools and says Baji’s father in Satara’s sena and will get some job for Baji, but what you people will do as your parents are poor. He badmouths at Baji and says Baji troubles good boy for Balu etc. Gotiya tells that Baji respects him a lot and asked them not to insult you and gave us promise. Guru ji says Radha have gone mad and think her son is rakshak of the Saswad. He dismissed everyone from the class and asks them to call their parents tomorrow, he will ask if they will get them educated at housewife Radha’s home paathshaala or his paathshaala. They leave. Chimna meets them and says he is going to paathshaala. Gotiya asks him to learn and educate them. They think to go with Baji else what they will tell to their parents. Baji is on horse tells that he is her true friend and tells that he has many true friends. Gotiya, Parshu and others come there and say that they will go with him. Baji asks about Paathshaala. They say Guru ji left. Baji asks if they seek their parents’ approval. Gotiya says yes.

Shahu ji tells that he has to reach Tara Rani Kaku and tell her that her life is in danger. Zeenat says Aurangzeb will not let you leave and the guards are checking on him. She asks why you wants to risk life for her, who made her son sit on singhasan, which you deserve. Shahu ji says he can’t accuse and doubt on Tara Rani Bai’s decision until knows why did she take that decision. He says he is not interested in singhasan, but to save the Marathi people.

Baji and his friends are in the jungle, when Gotiya spots tiger. They run in the jungle to save themselves. Baji and others sit down to have food, but they see nothing. Gotiya says your Aayi forgot to keep rice. Baji realizes that Radha wants to teach him some paath and tells that his Aayi is his Guru also. He says they shall search something to eat in the jungle. Shahu ji tries to go out, but guard stops him. Shahu ji says he will follow his parampara and will go to Bhairav temple. He cuts his hand and applies tilak on his head. He tells that he is staying here but will follow his sanskriti. Guard says he will take the thaali to temple. Shahu ji’s mum asks if he is sure that Thaali will reach temple. Shahu ji says he is hopeful that it will reach Tara rani Bai….

Baji, Gotiya and others wander in the jungle as they forget the way. Baji says they shall mark on the stone to know the way. Parshu says he is very hungry. They think their Aayi and Baba will search them. Baji thinks if I shall light the fire and call Aayi for help. He thinks if I shall give up so soon. Malhari comes and eats a fruit hanging on the tree. Baji shouts that they got the food. He asks his fruits to eat it. They eat it. Just then they see thunder storm and runs to safety. Gotiya says it is not good to come here without informing our parents. Baji asks what do you mean? Parshu tells everything. Baji asks you have lied to me and hid truth from your parents. You have betrayed both of us.

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