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Peshwa Bajirao 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 17th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Baji befriending with Balu and leaves. Chimna thinks what he learnt while unconscious state. Gotiya threatens Balu not to do anything against Baji. He comes to Baji and tells that we will jump from the water fall. Baji says no, and says he will not do anything which his mum asked her not to. He says I will become good child. Balu thinks he is scared and thinks to scare him much.

Soldier serves food to Qazi. Qazi’s man tells that Soldier have added something in food as Fakeer signed him. Soldier says no, and says he will eat the food to prove his honesty. Balaji says I will eat it and tastes it, says it is very spicy. Qazi asks Balaji to concentrate on the magic, else he will kill everyone. Balaji tells all soldiers that you have worked for Mughals, but Qazi don’t trust you. Soldier asks him to do some magic else they all will be killed, which they don’t want. Balaji tells his man that they have to get all marathis at their side and says everything is fair in love and war. He says we have to take help of divide and rule.

Baji is sleeping outside the house. Radha asks him to come inside. Baji says it is my responsibility to protect you all when baba is not here. Radha says I know you will come inside if you feel cold and goes inside. Balu along with few people take Baji from there, and hang him on the well. Balu laughs. Baji wakes up and shouts for help. Balu says if Baji moves from his khatiya then he will fall in water and thinks to inform Naser and get big prize from him. Baji is scared and shouts for help. He recalls Pandit ji says that his life is short. Radha wakes up and checks Baji in room. She thinks if he is still outside the room.

Qadar Khan comes there and asks who are you? Baji says I am Baji and reminds him that they have met. Qadar Khan recalls meeting Baji and giving his horse to Baji. Baji asks him to save him.

Soldier comes to Abdullah and tells that someone is conspiring against Qazi and meeting tonight. Qadar Khan asks Baji to give his hand to him. Baji says if I fall and die. Qadar Khan asks him to give his hand and says nothing will happen to you. He saves him. Baji is very much scared. Qadar Khan asks why he got scared with just well, and says you was not afraid of sea before and have seen many hurdles before. Baji hugs him and cries.

All Marathi soldier working for Mughals meet each other, and thinks who called us here, and thinks if Qazi comes to know that we met here, then he will get angry. Abdullah comes there and beat the Marathis. Marathi soldiers tell that they are honest to them. Abdullah beats him and says you are not loyal to your land, then how you will be loyal to us. He is about to kill a soldier, but other soldier kills Abdullah. When asked why did he kill Abdullah? Soldier says if I haven’t killed him then he would have killed us, and says it was necessary. Balaji comes and says it was just a start and gives them courage to fight against Mughals for their own children’s future.

Qadar Khan brings Baji home and tells about finding him tied on above the well. Chimna gets angry. Radha thanks Qadar Khan for bringing her son home safely and feels guilty as she couldn’t stop enemies from taking Baji from home. Qadar Khan tells that last time when he met Baji, he was different and courageous and was not afraid of anything. He says today Baji is changed and is scared kid. Don’t know what happened to him. Radha tells that he has attacked recently. Chimna tells her that Baji is very much scared. Qadar Khan tells her that she has to take out Baji’s fear from him, and that the kid should be courageous.

Balaji tells Marathi soldiers that he is sent by Tara Rani Bai’s. Soldiers says what we can do, when Tara Rani Bai couldn’t save Bhairav garh from Mughals. Balaji tells that if one is focused then he can do anything. Soldier says how can we fight without weapons. Baji calls the soldier who is helping him. He comes and shows the weapons. All the Marathi soldier take the weapon. Baji shows the cloth and says this is our flag and our coffin also. He says har har mahadev.

Radha brings Baji near the water fall. Baji asks if she is upset with him and says I didn’t know how did I reach there. Baji recalls jumping from the mountain. Radha says last time I was afraid when you have jumped in the water, and says you are Balaji’s son who have never got afraid from death, and says she wants to see him becoming veer. She says I will learn from you….


Peshwa Bajirao 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha jumps and falls in the river. Baji shouts Aayi.

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