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Peshwa Bajirao 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Qamer Uddin telling that he brought his request for her. Radha says if you have respected me then you wouldn’t have talked to me about other mum’s deal. Shiva raze says Baji have insulted me. Radha says Radha Bai or her two children haven’t insult you or did raj droh. Shiva Raze asks her to understand his pain. Radha says I am worried about every Marathi and not only about Radha Bai and her children. She says mantri shall not which Raja wants to hear, but shall speak the truth even if it is bitter. She scolds Pant pratinidhi and says you did wrong by calling outsider in my house matters. Shiva Raze says but. Tara Rani Bai says we shall not argue. Shiva Raze goes.

Qamer Uddin asks Pant Pratinidhi to listen to Raja and says soon he will become big and then he will remember if you heard him or his mum. Pigeon comes back to Chimna. Chimna wishes Balaji and Baji get the letter written by him. Chandrasen gets the letter sent by Chimna and asks sevak to return Satara and tell that he is missing. He thinks he doesn’t know where to do because of his father’s betrayal and his defeat. He is hiding at that place.

Baji does puja and says I am alone infront of enemy. I don’t have my parents with me now and says when I close my eyes, I feel like they are with me. He imagines their happy times. He prays to God and says he has promised his Aayi that he will be two steps behind the death, and asks him to fulfill his promise. He comes to Kam Baksh and greets him. He starts telling joke. Kam Baksh looks on upset and silent. Baji tells more jokes. Malhar and Others look on tensed. Kam Baksh asks him to stop his jokes and says once there was a mughal badshah, and a Marathi sainik tried to fool him as a comedian so that he can free his soldiers. He says he has won his heart and got his loyal man punished and says he likes comedy, but not like to be joke.

He keeps knife on his neck and says I have seen you talking to Malhar. You are one among them. What do you think that I will free you all. Shahu ji along with Balaji and Dhana ji wait for the sardaars. A Marathi sardaar tells that Shiva Raze declared Balaji as desh drohi and tells that no sardaar will come. Shiva Raze offers to give jewellery and money to the sardaars who support him and punish those who don’t. He says Shahu ji have nothing to give you. They all agree to support Shiva Raze. Pant pratinidhi smiles. Shiva Raze also smiles.

Baji says how can I make fun of you. Kam Baksh says I have seen you talking to Malhar. A fb is shown, Kam Baksh says I will do maskari with him which he will remember for life. Baji says you have seen us, but have not heard anything. Kam baksh says he can figure out seeing the closed envelope.

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Sevak informs Shahu ji that Shiva Raze bought loyalty of sardaars by giving gold. Dhana ji says Tara Rani can’t do this, and can’t use nation’s wealth for her personal choice. Balaji says he is going out of Tara Rani’s control. Shahu ji says I have to answer Shiva Raze, his way and tells that he will gather wealth. Dhana ji asks if you wants to buy their loyalty. Shahu ji says they will earn their loyalty by working for the people. Baji recalls Balaji telling him story and laughs. Kam Baksh asks are you laughing on your death. Baji tells that he recalled a fakeer saying that he claimed to make owls fly in the day time.

Kam Baksh recalls Balaji indisguise of a fakeer doing the same. Baji says that fakeer told that that one day my maskari/jokes will take my life if I make fun of helpless people. Kam Baksh asks whom? Baji says I made fun of your captive Marathi soldiers and said that you will return home soon, and says I didn’t know that fakeer’s words will come true. He says I think his second astrology will come true. He says Fakeer said that Kam Baksh will rule and Mughals will kill each other. He asks him to make his mughal soldiers fight with Marathi soldiers and prove himself capable than Azam.


Peshwa Bajirao 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kam Baksh agrees to make his mughal soldiers fight with marathis.

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