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Peshwa Bajirao 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kashi refusing to marry Baji and says he is cruel and his Aayi is more cruel than him. She runs to her room. Radha goes to talk to him. Bhiu says I will bite her with my milk teeth for insulting their mum and asks Chimna to leave her hand. Baji tells that he is liking Kashi for the first time for refusing the alliance. Shivbai tells Kumud that she is sure that Kashi will not agree. Radha comes alone. Kashi is behind her. Everyone is surprised to see Kashi with Radha. Kashi apologizes to Pandit ji. Pandit ji asks her not to do this again else nobody can save her. Kashi nods. She apologizes to Mahant ji and sits for her rituals. Balaji asks how did you do this miracle. Radha tells him…A fb is shown, Radha goes to Kashi’s room and asks her not to worry.

She says everything will change after marriage. Kashi says you said that you will break my legs once I reach home. Radha says I will not hit you even with a rose stick. Kashi says you are lying and says you have mixed something in the Prasad. Radha asks who told you. Kashi says she will not tell. Radha says she will eat the Prasad and if there is something mixed in it then she and her baby will die. She eats the Prasad. Kashi looks on.

Kashi says nothing happened to you and says rat died eating this. Radha asks did you see that rat dying with your own eyes, so how can you that the rat died after eating Prasad. She sees her broken toys kept there and repairs it with a candle light. Kashi smiles. Radha says Baji is like this wooden toy and says he will be alright. She says she wants someone who can take care of him. Kashi agrees. Radha promises to love her more than Baji and kisses her hand. Fb ends.

Pandit ji recites the mantras. They do the rituals. Baji and Kashi look angrily at each other. Pandit ji tells sakarpura is complete and asks both familes to feed sweet to each other. Balaji and Mahant ji congratulate each other. Chimna asks Baji to make her have sweets. Baji tells that Aayi can forgive you, but not me. Kashi says I will complain against you to your mum and then she will lock you in kal kothri. Radha asks Shivbai to have Prasad and says may be it will clear your hard feelings for me.

Gotiya tells that Kashi and Baji’s choice will be same. Radha buys jewellery for Kashi. Bhiu says shall I take this. Radha says she will give this to Kashi for the rasam. Namrata also tells about the rasam. Bhiu gets angry and hopes Kashi’s hairs get filled with lice. Baji comes and asks why she is buying gold and says we can buy 100 swords in this money. Radha says they have to buy gold to keep up their respect. Balaji says how gold will increase our respect, it has to locked in the locker for its safety. Kumud asks Shivbai why is she crying? Shivbai tells her she is worried about Baji’s short life and tells that don’t know until when Kashi will wear these bangles and cries. Kashi removes the bangles and says she is unhappy as her mum is unhappy.

Shivbai asks why did you do take off bangles and says it is a sign of a married woman. She explains to her and asks her to apologize to God. Kashi apologizes. Kashi tells Shivbai that her fear is wrong and that PeshwinBai/Radha is a good woman and will love her like her own child. She tells kumud that the rat must have been dead before she spotted her, as Radha has eaten Prasad in front of her and nothing happened to her. Shivbai thinks she can’t stop her marriage, but can make all possible things to ensure her happy married life.


Peshwa Bajirao 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha tells Chimna that she doesn’t know whom to choose, at one side is Baji who wants to fight for Swaraj and at other side is Kashi who wishes for a happy married life.

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